Five Minute Freewrite: Fallen

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Fallen shmallen it's very late and we are about to go to bed, but I didn't do a freewrite earlier and we've gotten into a pretty good habit of doing one daily for the past week or so, at least. So here I am. I told Brendan to get it ready for me, and he did, but I'm so tired, I'm really just typing to mark time until the timer goes off. So is this worth it? Worth the five minutes, when I was ready to climb into bed, and I don't have much of anything to say except that I'm tired and just waiting for the time to pass so that I can publish this and go to bed? I dunno. I'm watching Queen of the South lately. It's very violent. I just have to think of it like a World of Darkness role-playing game and not take it too seriously, or else I think it would be too dark for me. But instead Teresa is like a new vampire, who didn't really want to be a vampire. She was a ghoul and she was fine with being a ghoul and on the outskirts of the vamp business, but then she got turned and now she's in it to save herself and to rise in the ranks. And it's not like all the bodies are her fault, so she's still a sympathetic character. Ugh my tummy is feeling a little funny, I think because I'm so tired. And it's about that time now, when I start to wonder if maybe the timer sound isn't on, because it sure feels like it's been five minutes. But it's close enough that probably the timer is juuuuuust about to go off. Like now. Or now. Or now. I am sorry for anyone reading this because you are just here for me waiting for the timer to go off, not much else. Okay, seriously. There.