5 Minute Freewrite: Wire Basket


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Wire Basket

Wire basket I am so tired. I can only tell you, wire basket, my only friend. My true friend, my beautiful iridescent wire basket. Do you remember when I got you? I was just a kid. You were the display basket for the pens at the Science Center gift store, but I dumped out the pens and carried you up to the cashier and she didn't have the heart to tell me you weren't for sale. And we've been together ever since. My dear sweet wire basket, with your beautiful purple and blue and black shininess. You never fail to look beautiful or feel cool to the touch. You've never let me down, and I would like to sleep beside you tonight, with you just barely touching my cheek. Maybe I will roll over onto you in the night and wind up with little marks in my cheek, and I'll know you love me too. Where shall we go tomorrow, when I am well rested once more? Stay home? Yes, that sounds good to me too. We can watch a movie. I can line you with a napkin and fill you with Doritos and pour myself a glass of ice water and we can settle in to a real nice movie, a comedy, and we can laugh. Did I tell you I watched the movie Parenthood when I was a kid, and I loved to sing that diarrhea song afterward? I was such a kid. It's not just a boy thing, to like fart jokes, it's just a kid thing. But maybe we reward boys more for being kid-like. Poor girls.