5 Minute Freewrite: Richest People


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Richest People

Richest people. I hear those words and they make me angry. I'm angry at the richest people in our world, because it's so fucking disgusting that people can even be as rich as the richest people. Like, there are plenty of resources planet-wide that no one need go hungry, be without housing, without healthcare, etc etc, but the richest people hoard the wealth and the rest of society's machinations cater to them. This is capitalism at work, and it's literally killing people and killing the planet and oops I just paused to grab some more popcorn because I'm distracted by the dog barking at me and by imagining people arguing with me, and not knowing how people can defend capitalism and defend the status quo. Workers of the world, unite! And I'm afraid the dog might have to pee, in fact I'm relatively certain she does have to pee, so I'm thinking about how I don't want her to pee in the house (like she just did yesterday). I'm sorry, She-Ra, but you just have to wait for the timer to go off and then I can stop typing and take you out! Or @improv can take you out. One of us will. Maybe me since Brendan's back hurts. I thought we were playing games this evening with friends on Board Game Arena, but that's tomorrow, so now we