5 Minute Freewrite: potato chips


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Potato Chips

Potato chips, most delicious of snacks. They hurt my tongue if I eat too many, but isn't that just the way with all the most delicious foods? Sour Punch Straws, sweet alcoholic drinks, Doritos...I like "junk" food. We're trying not to categorize foods that way with Lochlan. "Food is food" is a thing we've heard and a thing we say. We don't place value judgements on food. We try to have lots of fruits and vegetables in the house, and to offer him a wide variety of foods, and he gets potato chips when we have potato chips. He is a kid after our own hearts and also loves the sour cream and onion ones. Yum yum. He is also fond of milk chocolate, probably as fond of it as I am. He calls Cadbury milk chocolate bars "Cad" chocolate. That's a fave. Sometimes you can get Cad chocolate at the 99 Cent Store, and Sour Punch Straws too. I stock up when I go because that's a treat I enjoy, no matter how much it hurts my mouth if I overdo it. God isn't the timer done yet? This is not my most interesting freewrite. There.