Do you want some exclusive Stick Up Boys music NFT - then get to NFT TUNZ before they sell out


Selling music NFT is a very exciting part of our journey here. We are musicians who have been making music for a long time, and love it!

We only recently got into NFT and @nfttunz has given us an opportunity to be part of something new and exciting. A music NFT site with lots of possibilities. We already hold a founder token which means you will get NFT drops every week! If we are lucky we might even get one of our songs dropped backed to us. Here is a link to the main site

We have added a few songs to the site as we are working it all out and are also going to be launching our 2022 Fan token soon so look out for this.

If you have seen us around anywhere then give us some love and buy one of our songs and help support us doing what we do on Hive!

Music NFT we have for sale


AAPN1865 (1).JPG

One of the first NFT we made. This dark, synth pop is considered an classic. With an award winning video made in collaboration with French conceptual artist Francois Vautier this song is a must have for any music collector. With only 10 editions available by owning this NFT you will also access the ability to use this song on any live streams and will unlock the instrumental version as well by contacting us directly.

Going Out

Going out (Bootleg version).png

A very popular song of ours so here is a bootleg version of the epic song "Going Out" with the amazing Micky F in the middle 8! Only 5 now available of this song.....

Turn Me up

turn me up  (2).png

One of our first ever tunes it is a banger of a tune ! Please play this song loud.....then turn it up a bit. Available now for only 1 Hive....bargain!

Emergency Warning


DON'T PANIC! We got your back and the Stick Up Boys are here for you in any emergency. Especially if it is a musical one!

Big Thank You

We appreciate all the support and kindness we get from this community and please contact us and get to know us if you need anything, want to commission something or just need a laugh!

Big love

the Stick Up Boys