Do today....


Do today what others won't. And you'll have tomorrow what others don't.

This is one of my favourite mantras and it's something that I've been thinking about a lot recently.

It speaks to 'comfort zones' (and not wanting to push ourselves out of our own comfort zones). Sometimes we need others to point out where we might be scaling back or retreating from taking on say a new challenge. Or perhaps, from taking daily and consistent steps that might not be comfortable (like going to the gym or writing regularly on Hive!) but we know, deep down, are the things that we should be doing for our long term benefit.

When I started my own business, everyone around me thought I was crazy to leave my high powered job. But I knew deep down that I would have to take the difficult step in jumping into the unknown, if I was to ever be truly free and in control of my life. Difficult decisions and steps at the time, for long term gains. I am so relieved that I was brave enough to do it.

Similar story in buying our current house. Way out of our league when we tried to buy it, but rather than give in, we explored every avenue to make it happen. And we did it.

Sometimes we need to dig deep. To just push forward, regardless of whether we 'want' to or not. So many choose the easy option and just 'don't', or decide to 'leave it until tomorrow...'.

Remember, most won't take the difficult steps and take on uncomfortable tasks today and will be the first to lament their bad fortune or disadvantages tomorrow.