STEMng Digest: Be your neighbour's keeper


The post-covid world is filled with many economic uncertainties. Jobs are being lost, inflation is reaching record-high figures, and prices are reaching the roof. In all these, many are being plunged into an economic abyss while the wealth of a few keeps doubling every other day. In order to have a peaceful world, those that have must support those who do not. Otherwise, those that have will not be able to spend in peace. If you have the means, reach out to your broke neighbour today and make someone smile.

Welcome to a new edition of STEMng Digest!

Who are we?

STEMng is the Nigerian sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that has been supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain for about four years now. While stemsocial focuses on everyone irrespective of their country, STEMng is specifically for Nigerians. The best stem contents published by Nigerians on the Hive blockchain are highlighted weekly.

Below are the posts that made it into our digest for this week:

  1. @jsalvage: Knowing how to Manipulate fertilizers for high production

Featuring at the number spot this week is a post that borders around food production. There is no doubt that the world food supply will suffer without the use of fertilizers in farming. Unfortunately, fertilizer usage is detrimental to the ecosystem at large. In his post, the author wrote about how the use of fertilizer can be minimized for its impact on the environment but maximized for food production.

2.@oluwatobiloba: Lupus: A Life Threatening Condition without a specific cause.

Lupus, an abnormality that may not be popular in our own part of the world, but can be life-threatening, is what our second post for this week talks about. What is this disease? what causes it? How about the symptoms and its treatments? Read the post to get all these questions and more answered.

3.@bhoa: Medical treatment for Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction might sound like an ordinary adbnormality. Howeecer, this is something that has more of psychological, rather than physical effects on men who suffer from it. The options available for erectile dysfunction as far as conventional medical treatment is concerned is extensively discussed in this post.

4.@clinton19: Is Gravity Actually Fundamental ?

A physics-themed post that discusses the subject of gravity. It appears the professionals working with gravity differ on whether this quantity is fundamental or otherwise. In this post, the author weighed the argument of both sides and threw more light to defend the side he is supporting.

5.@sam9999: Hair Transplantation; What, How, and Why!!!?

Just like erectile dysfunction, losing hair can constitute emotional and psychological problems. No one wishes to lose his/her hair irrespective of their age. The author in this post discussed the various options available for those with hairloss who wishes to get it medically fixed. A good read by all means.

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