CRV Diary 6: Mucho Plastico and Anchor Weight 07142022

No predictions this recycling redemption. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This feels like a long time of accumulation.

I can't stop... I'm addicted?

Yeah, but not that...! It's fun and it's free money and the car is already dirty... it's free money!

⚓️ I have an anchor for the first time.

It's 8lbs. It will be interesting to see if they take the anchor and to see if they also weigh it at 8lbs. I know it's 8lbs because of the label on this new anchor. Take a look at a similar and new anchor.

☠️ Oh, cute, it's poisonous. Maybe this is not such a cool item to hold on to. Lead poinsoning is not fun. I love cilantro, but I don't need to play with lead. I'll use a rag to hold it.

Not good!

Lets Go! ♻️

The back of the car doesn't look full, but it was compacted well. I took the time to smash stuff along the way. These are my three bins.

I get them from the recycling center's pile of house hold sized garbage bins. The mid sized and larger yard and garden type.

Glass: I hate it. It's heavy, stays large, and cuts you. I hate getting cut. None of this is worth getting cut for. I am fine. Nothing happened, but I am close. I was digging and heard the sound of broken glass. All stop. It's over. Anything in there, can stay there.
I also hate the sound of glass colliding with itself while I'm moving it from car to weight bin. The Hz of that substance at that volume hits my ear like a dagger. Hopefully, I'm autistic.

Plastic: This might be the most plastic I have ever had. It wouldn't all fit into the trash bin we use to weight it. I had to dump it all into the large wire hopper with wheels.

I've never talked about them before, because I don't usually have enough to use one.

Aluminum : Lots of can this round. Not the most ever, but it was a lot. I should double check that statistic. Most ever?

CRV Diary 1
7.3lbs x$1.75 is $12.78

CRV Diary 2
4lbs x $1.75 is $7

CRV Diary 3
1.1lbs x $1.75 is $1.92

CRV Diary 4
2.2lbs x $1.75 is $3.85

CRV Diary 5
4.6lbs x $1.75 is $8.05

CRV Diary 6
6.4lbs x $1.75 is $11.20

OH SNAP! The first CRV Diary was the most ever!!!
WFT? I wasn't even trying hard back then. I much have been accumulating for a long time before posting that first CRV Diary.

I need to beat that record. Fuck the glass. Never glass anymore... except maybe my own Topo Chico bottles.

⚓️ Other Metals: It's an anchor for small boats. Seems heavy and you would think it's worth a lot.

As I walked up with it, the weight attendant belches, "what is that?"
I say, "it's lead. metal."

The attendant breaks out a magnet and the magnet sticks to it with a vengeance! Good heavy-ass lead piece, I think.

He tosses it onto the scale like a dead fish. Splat! Yell's at the cashier who is busy.

I get the opportunity to stand in a different spot where I see lots of weird stuff... clutter, trash, garbage, scrap, random shit. Crunching sounds erupt behind be. It kinda sounds cool. Lots of plastic bottles falling into a bin sound like bowling pins that don't stop tumbling.

Poor little guy... looks scared... what's gonna happen?

My brain is thinking, "oh yeah, this is gonna be juicy!!!"
They weigh the anchor at 8.5. Pretty cool. They like me a lot. I'm really glad i've developed such a great kinship with my local recycling crew. We've really bonded.

Gas Canisters: I asked if they take the small gas canisters and they said, "No."

If they had said, "No and we don't accept BOMBS either you idiot!" I would have giggled and said, "Yes, maestro. Gracias."

The Munnies


I received a total of $23 for the regular recycling items. After allllllllll that walking and collecting, it's 23 dollars.


The poisonous awkward anchor?

A big juicy $0.43 for the poisonous anchor!

I will never recycle that again.

Just the urgency to get it out of my car was burden enough.

Unless they did something wrong, big "buzz kill."

They even weighed it at .5lbs over. Classified as "IRON STEEL." Is that correct? Look at the CRV Price column. Nothing noted. Did they make it up on the spot and just randomly enter 0.05?

⚓️ = 👎

I think it's all good. It's simply not a high value item... so weird. Maybe I'm at the wrong place. Maybe it's better to visit a non-CRV subsidized metal scrap...

Have better things to do with my time. I should be using the time to practice my instruments. Note reading and playing some shitty amateur gig could be better than this.

Overall it was a good run. I'll probably focus on a long run/greatere time perspective and focus. Accumulating cans and plastic bottles show remain easy. Smash it as I go while I'm keeping an eye out for tourists.

I'm grateful to spend the money on gas?

and then more gas...

Now it's gone. Gulped down by my lambo.
Money well spent.

Show me your recycling receipt.

Thanks to @LeoGrowth for encouraging this post series:

Thanks to past supporters and present supporters. I'm here. I like it. I'm gonna stay. Thanks for all the support.

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oh yeah.. FREE MONEY!! 😁💲🤑

That anchor looked cool but kinda dangerous..

go kitty!


yeah, the warning label on the anchor is scary