Friday Deadline


What is it with the 15th of October?

Every news station, company, and news outlet is constantly talking about the October 15th deadline to get the experimental genetic treatment, some refer to it as the vaccine, but it does not meet the definition of such. I won't go into words that are being redefined in order to motivate people to damage themselves. Rather, what is it with this date?

It is as if the planets are going to align in such a way that all who have not gotten the totally safe and effective shot will die from magnetic alignment syndrome or something.

Who, what, how did all authorities line up and agree upon this one date as the magic doomsday square on the calendar? Did I mess a global Woodstock to set this magical date? That's all I am hearing.

So, if you are not vaccinated (their words, not science) before the day after tomorrow, you will be rounded up and sprayed down with roach spray and then sent to a far off island full of other leprous covid spreaders!

Okay. Wait. I need to calm down and just ignore the fact that the most highly vaccinated countries of the world also have the most deaths from covid in the last few months... I will ignore the children who are dying from heart inflammation... I will ignore the hoards amputees that have lost limbs due to massive blood clots... and I will just get injected with the Pfizer liquid which is now being banned in more than seven countries for exactly what I mentioned in this paragraph. Yeah, yeah. That's what I will do.

It's like when I was a kid and I saw all these people putting white sticks in their mouths and lighting them. I just had to try that! Oh look, he blew a big "O" out of his mouth! Everyone was doing it. I just had to become a slave to tobacco too!

What is wrong with our politicians?

What is wrong with the legacy news people who scream misinformation as they misinform you.

We will find out in less than forty eight hours. I am pretty sure covid does not have a programmed "kill all" date that will be triggered on Friday. It is more likely a programmed date on which world coordinators are going to do something bad to people who ignored their advice.

I know dozens of people who recovered from covid and nobody who has died from it. I also know dozens who were seriously ill from the 'vaccination' and several who died from it. Covid is officially two years old and the injection is only nine months old.

Share your theories below on how this date got decided on. . . It is uncanny!