Rally shunt of the day - Takamoto Katsuta with Toyota Yaris WRC at Rally Catalunya 2021


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On this case it is completely clear how much is the worth of some co-drivers on the top level of rallying - in the World Rally Championship..

Japanese newcomer Takamoto Katsuta is in the sport because of Toyota and because he is their protegee and because Toyota wants to have at least one Japanese driver in the WRC. And he started really good this season with his regular co-driver Daniel Barritt.

But in Estonia hey had a bad landing on one of their jumps when Barritt hurt his back and he still can't sit in the rally car because of the injury. Katsuta tried and changed two co-drivers so far but he is crashing from rally to rally without luck.

But I would say that there is no element of luck in this story. He just lacks his regular co-driver Daniel Barritt who has that experience needed to guide the driver through the toughest roads and adventures of the World Rally Championship.

Yeah, this sport is all about experience and some talent. Katsuta brought too much speed in the right corner which tightened too much and crashed to the barrier.

Because of this he destroyed his front left suspension and that was game over on the very first special stage one. He will probably continue tomorrow under super rally rules but there is another rally destroyed for promising Japanese star.

He must be patient and wait for a better days or the day when his regular co-driver Barritt will make a comeback to his right seat of navigator.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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