Neuville tested with Hyundai ahead of WRC Rally Finland


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Thierry Neuville drives for Hyundai World Rally Team for so many years but he still didn't win the championship as a driver. He was part of a bigger story of manufacturer's championships twice when Hyundai took that titles in 2019 and 2020.

This season their car looks weak because they have numerous technical problems on almost every rally. Something is wrong but they just can't resolve the problems.

They even started o produce new chassis for every rally just to have more reliability. It seems that other teams are faster now and when Hyundai drivers try the same speed, their car fall apart. They really have to work hard to make those suspensions better.

They don't have engine issues but the suspension is critical point. I guess that they will focus very much on that part of the car. I don't know who's shocks they use but the manufacturers of it will have the tough job.

One thing is for sure - this season goes to the end and the new generation of hybrid is coming in January for every team. And you know what they say - the start id always hard. No one can say what kind of reliability problems will be next season but the hybrid units and the batteries could be the problem.

Engines are almost homologated and they can only add the hybrid unit, that's it. Engines are already pretty reliable so I guess that they won't have that much problems at that part. I guess that suspension will need hard work, if we speak about Hyundai.

Testing helps a lot when we talk about reliability. That's why teams send their drivers to the roads very similar to the ones of rally itself.

Next rally of the World Rally Championship is in Finland so every team took their test there. For Hyundai it was turn for Thierry Neuville to test. And he is good and fast there.

Watch the testing videos, learn and enjoy from flying Belgium...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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