Katsuta tested with Toyota ahead of WRC Rally Finland 2021


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You must be really brave man for those jumps at WRC Rally Finland because I think that this is the fastest and the most dangerous rally of the World Rally Championship.

I wrote recently about Takamot Katsuta having trouble of finding the right co-driver after his usual navigator Dan Barritt got injured at WRC Rally Estonia.

Katsuta tried with Keaton Williams but they suffered a big shunt at their first WRC rally together - at WRC Ypres Rally in Belgium. At the start of Acropolis Rally Greece Williams had to travel urgently back to England and there was no other option for Katsuta then to withdraw.

Takamoto Katsuta is a driver who progressed the most of any other young drivers. He took every chance he could to make his career better. Maybe that approach really helped him the best.

He even finished 2nd overall at legendary Safari Rally Kenya where he was leading for a short time after one of the Hyundai guys retired from the lead because of the technical problems.

Seb Ogier took that win in front of Katsuta but he showed the whole world that he can be in front and some other guys, who are more in media as a future stars, still didn't score podium finish.

Katsuta is happy that he is a Toyota protegee in a times when it is so hard to find a drive without paying for it.

Katsuta has a new co-driver for WRC Rally Finland and he is an ex-Solberg jr co-driver Aaron Johnston. They need a good but calm rally without accidents just to rebuild the confidence after points loss in the recent rallies.

Videos from the tests are amazing and you can see how many jumps they have in Finland on the beautiful gravel roads.


Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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