Estonian Tanak fastest after two city super special stages of WRC Rally Mexico 2023


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It seems that World Rally Championship leader Ott Tanak is sill in a great groove because he is in the lead of WRC Rally Mexico after two short tarmac super special stages which are created especially for public and larger audience (tens of thousands of people).

These special stages don't mean anything because the real stuff starts today with a gravel special stages which are in Mexico very rough, long and on a high attitudes which was very hard for previous generations of World Rally Cars because of the air in the mountains.

New generation of hybrid cars has electric motors also so this could be a help for this newer machinery. It is very well known that previous generation of WRC cars lost up to 30% of its power in the mountains on a high attitude so it will be interesting if the same case will also be with the hybrid cars.

Super special stages are mot driven in the mountains but in the city so the drivers didn't have any kind of power problems. World Rally champion from 2019 Otta Tanak (Ford Puma Rally1) tried hard at ended Thursday evening on the top with the slim lead of 1.7s over current World Rally champion Kalle Rovanpera (Toyota Yaris Rally1).

Hyundai driver Esapekka Lappi finished the day in 3rd place with gap of 2.2s behind a leader Tanak. Number one driver at Hyundai Thiery Neuville finished the day in 4th place with gap of 2.8s behind a leader.

Eight-time WRC champion Seb Ogier shares Neuville's time and I predict the hard fight between the top drivers.

You can follow complete results of the rally on the following LINK:

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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