Alex Coria to co-drive for Fourmaux at WRC Rally Finland 2021


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M-Sport Ford works driver Adrien Fourmaux finished his cooperation with the long term co-driver Renaud Jamoul after some not that good results in the 2nd part of the World Rally Championship. It's just that way in the professional sport. Today you are in and tomorrow you are out of it.

I don't know if that decision was taken by M-Sport Ford team or it's something from Fourmaux himself. But the truth is that Fourmaux will be the part of the team in the new hybrid era and the teams want the best from their drivers. So now, in the 2nd part of the championship, it's time to think about the results and what can be improved.

I guess that drivers look for experienced and more motivated co-drivers who can improve their pace. I don't know what else can be here.

It's strange that Fourmaux didn't announce co-driver for the rest of the season, it's just for the WRC Rally Finland. We are talking about Alexandre Coria or Alex Coria as I know his name from before.

Coria co-drives for WRC3 championship leader Yohan Rosell who won't be competing in Finland. I can only say that Rossel is a surprise for me this season - really fast and consistent driver without mistakes which is something that drivers do when driving under lots of pressure and being in the championship lead brings lots of pressure, that's for sure.

Will he co-drive for Fourmaux after that rally in Finland, it's unknown but I guess that result will tell more. As I said earlier, only results can keep you in the driving seat, nothing else.

No one can say what is on Coria's head right now but I guess that he wants the best from his career and as a professional he will do his best to make another outing successful.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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