Soul Food Corner 15.09.2022

A Soul Food Bowl

2022-09-15 12.00.37.jpg

Served in a plate instead of a bowl, our green and tasty quinoa salad contains a lot of detail and love in it's ingredients.

with a few pea protein chunks on the side for an extra flavour it's served with our regular smokey pepper sauce that we keep alternating with various herbs.

Our menu today:

Image Date Dish

15.09.2022 Quinoa Bowl with fresh herbs, spinach, pistachios, and plant based chops

Served with a Borschtsch - a Russian beetroot soup

Banana Bread and various raw cheese cakes

For Todays Menu we stuck to a simple Quinoa bowl. Imagining a Buddha Bowl, I thought about a Mediterran flavoured bowl. Served with a Russian style soup that blew my mind when @baba-jaga prepared one the other day, her ideas really spice up the diversity and ingenuity at our recent soul food corner sessions. 80% of this post go out to her account, hoping she might get inspired to share some of her amazing DIY or cooking and plate dressing skills with us.

The soup was topped with dill and a cashew cream sauce with thyme and lemon. The quinoa bowl contained parsley, mint, lemon and various spices with spinach, kale and was topped with fermented red cabbage.

Join us for a culinary experience every Thursday lunch only.

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As always, we only serve dishes that are gluten free, vegan, barring most nightshades and constantly innovate to avoid certain lectins. We don't specialise in being customised towards allergy sufferers. We simply constitute a reevaluation of ubiquitous rubrics.

"Gullible pop culture retains a kind of simplicity that might be easier for a few out-of-the-box creatives to mimic. While some idealistic pioneers might have a hard time persuading the masses with plainness, others might enjoy success by intentionally brainwashing them with cogent design. The true audience for pathfinders remain unique individuals with a promethean mind set to explore unchartered realms into the space of the untried." -@yangyanje

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