Mixed feelings with sewing

Hello hivians!!!!!! Happy Wednesday!!!!
Ever had an annoying feeling after putting your best in doing what you haven't tried before? I guess that mostly happens when you do something for a family member, they seem to spot errors where there's none even when they have no idea about what you're doing.
This is my experience!!!!
Weeks ago I tried to make a pieces blouse after watching a video online to learn because I was confused about the style to sew on this particular material I got so I opted for a pieces blouse on a pieces skirt, the project took me like two weeks cos it's not what I'm conversant with so there had to be a lot of sewing and loosing but I finally got it and was so happy. Then this relative who owned the dress seemed love it so much and then boom I hear, why is this place like this!! Can't this place be like this? And lots more, and I'm like urrgggghhh, really boiling inside cos when you ask which design or style do you want, you hear, I don't know, you know better or just give me anything. Then just when you finish doing your manipulation ideas come from no where and I'm like seriously? (you really want me to loose again and start afresh?) But in this particular one I was stubborn, I said I'm not touching anything on that dress anymore and that was it, after all they're family so they think they shouldn't pay. Then after getting questions and praises after wearing the dress for events, I now hear Wow this dress is so nice. I really need a lot of patience to work with this people.

Client flexing with her dress.


Drafting and cutting the skirt piece

What it looks like after cutting and opening, I worked with and 8 pieces skirt so I cut out 7 more pieces like this.

Front part of the blouse after cutting. I worked with a 12 pieces blouse so it's 6 pieces for the front and 6 for the back.

Back part after cutting

Front part after joining together.

Back part after joining together.

After Sewing everything together.

Thanks for reading!!!!!
Have a beautiful day.


Beautiful! Love the fabric and style. Relatives can be astonishingly unreasonable sometimes!