Frailty Thy Name Is Not Woman, It's Not Even Man


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"Frailty, thy name is woman." is a very popular line in Hamlet's soliloquy. For centuries cultures have exploited women as the weaker sex. The woman may be physically weaker than the man in general, but she has a stronger mind and a stronger will power than men in my opinion.

Fine, leave my opinion alone for a moment, let's look at history and literature for a bit. I always like to start with the Bible, the book of books. The first woman created was created for man because he couldn't do stuff on his own, he was lonely, he needed a 'helper' and he couldn't even think rationally. He just couldn't exist on his own. He desperately needed someone, to nudge him, to keep him happy, to motivate him and help him see the better side of life.

The first time this man Adam talks about the woman he calls her "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh" Genesis2:23
Adam was quick to take credit for the source of her origin. However, when he next talks about her he says, "The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” Gen 3:12 NIV. In whom did frailty first show up, in the man or the woman? Frailty, thy name is man, you were its inventor.

If you have any further doubts there let me clear them up for you, God commanded man not to eat of the fruit. However, from what the woman tells the serpent it seems like he didn't do a good job of passing down the exact information to her. Let's ignore that and look further, he then makes a personal choice to eat the apple and then blames it on her.

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Now, let's move on to Shakespeare. Why did Shakespeare forget where and when this disease originated? Wasn't he a wee bit quick to accuse the woman of frailty of mind and question her loyalty? Did he forget the dark More Othello who was quick to snuffle the life of Desdemona because his fragile faith in her was destroyed by Lago? Source Was the master dramatist too quick to call the woman names or was he a victim of his culture which treated women as fragile objects of beauty and pleasure?

Is mental frailty the need of man to fix the blame on someone before it falls squarely on his shoulders? Are men really so afraid of women that they have to hang the scarlet letter on her neck so they can go scot-free. Source Doesn't it take two to tango?

Even in the supposedly modern world we live in today, we need the likes of men like Daniel to save women like Susanna from the wicked men who plan evil deeds Source Strong willed women aren't willing to play their games and fall into their hands because either way they would be accused of adultery. Frailty, is thy name isn't woman, it is hidden deep in the soul of the fickle minded man, who lusts after you.

Frailty is the deep seated insecurity within the psyche of man who from the moment of creation sees himself as inferior being. He has no doubt in his mind that the woman looks better any day. In his desperation to prove his strength he plots cunning plans to make her appear weak in every way.

Can frailty be seen in the comparison between the sexes where the woman always seems to come out the clear winner? She cooks, cleans, gives birth, nurtures, supports the man and still finds in herself the strength to fly into space, battle on the front lines serving the nation while he (the man) seems to struggle to handle the role of a father, husband and employee easily.

What is power? Is it the ability to shackle the woman to the kitchen, deny her of the right to be educated, treat her like an object of pleasure and use her like a birthing machine supposedly to make his lineage flourish?

Is it not flawed to suppress the woman at home while man acts like he is the master of the universe? To oppress her like an unpaid maid to render him all services including the assuaging his fiery lust when his hormones rage with little or no consideration for her emotions; is this power or strength by any definition?

What justice is it to pay her less for doing the same job in a more organized and sincere way? When she is the boss all he does everything possible to ignore her authority and frustrate her in every way and tell her she cannot handle responsibilities. Some equality that!

The brain is a complex, intelligent system that networks, processes information, collaborates, commands and makes things happen. It is the same in men and women.

“The human brain has billions of neurons and hundreds of billions of interconnections. It can process more than two million bits of information per second and can remember everything you have ever seen or heard.” – Ben Carson

The difference is in what you feed it. If you feed it suppression and weakness it remains fragile. When you feed it strength and power it remains courageous and strong.

The seeds you plant determines the harvests you get. If you feed yourself with mind altering substances your mind becomes the slave to the substance. You lose your authority and control over yourself over a period of time. It is the same as someone using subliminal messages to gain power over you. Source

A constant diet of fear, anxiety and danger will make even the strongest of mind fragile.** Fragility is not in the gender, it is not even in the mind, it is in the thoughts you feed your mind everyday**.

It is easy to make or break someone, use what is in you to build not break, to create not destroy.

What each person sees as weakens can become their strengths. The problem being most people do not even want to acknowledge their weakness. My weakness was that I believed that I was stupid. This belief never really gave me an opportunity to reach my full potential. It took me years to discover this major flaw and change myself.

All my life I was told I was an idiot, I couldn't get past high school. Today I have a number of degrees to my credit. More importantly I have ensured that my sons would never be called stupid or told that they cannot do something. My older son is now a neurosurgeon and the younger one is on the way to become a surgeon.

I was very careful not to pass on my frailty and insecurity to my sons. I told every teacher who told my boys they were not good in some subject that I would see to that they master it. I gave up my career and focused on their education and their growth as intellectual and empathetic humans.

All I can say is don't let anyone tell you that you are weak. You are the master and creator of your life. You have the power to change your weakness into strength and strengths into mastery. Fragility is not a gender, it is not even a fixed state you have the power to change it.

Poem by Nicholas Gordon. I found this rather intriguing and decided to share it here with you.

Source edited by me on Canva

Frailty Thy Name is not woman

Bearing it all and still standing tall,
Frailty your name was never woman,
You are the new and improved version,
Of the outdated and obsolete creation,
Man who was given the responsibility,
Who couldn't hold his own authority,
So passed the buck on to the woman,
The smartest conman!

Man take up your mantle,
And say the buck stops here,
Face your fear, believe that you are able,
Stop laying snares,
To trap and curtail her,
To ensure she will never overtake you,
So your victories you don't need to share
To the woman give her her due!
Let the race equal and fair,
Prove your strength if you really care!

These evil games,
Have gone on too long,
It's such a shame,
It is terribly wrong
This has to stop now,
It's time to find out
If she is your equal,
Or if you've been knocked out!

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Thank you for taking the time to read and support.


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Wow, I thought it was bold to resort to the Bible for this exercise of describing a word from a perspective that could be considered "feminist", alluding to the negative, opposite and denigrating concept of "machismo". Something totally discordant. I always prefer to speak from the point of view of equality and even more so when it comes to this topic, which can be a heated one.

Fragility for me is a woman's name and I think Shakespeare in his works referred to fragility in the romantic sense rather than categorizing women as the weaker sex. Although at that time it was obvious and clear the role of women and that somehow, it has remained as a reference of the past. This fragility is what makes women beautiful, sympathetic and worthy of being conquered, loved and adored. The fact that this fragility is a characteristic, for me, that makes them look less strong, does not make them worthy of exclusion or contempt. I admire them, especially my girl when she argues with the mechanics about various issues of our vehicle, in cases that have merited some repair. My beautiful and fragile woman, a fighter like no other.

By the way, I did not find in the Bible, where Adam did not think rationally. I liked your story, in the positive and thought provoking sense. Thank you for sharing. Greetings.


Well, let me make it clear that I am not a feminist or someone who thinks all men are the same.
However, when you are on my side of the globe it does make me want to raise my voice for the women who suffer in silence. No matter where you live there are women who are battered and treated wrong.

I think Shakespeare in his works referred to fragility in the romantic sense rather than categorizing women as the weaker sex.

Here through Hamlet he is calling his mother not just frail of mind but weak of character as well, because she married her husbands brother.
I wonder why? did the societal position of widows in her time force her into it? There are so many reasons there.
That said , if you could quote any author what is wrong with quoting the Bible the most sold book in the world. A classic like any other.

By the way, I did not find in the Bible, where Adam did not think rationally.

Well if Adam calls he bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh and disown her the very next minute I wouldn't think of him as a very rational person.
But most of this was written tongue in cheek like a parody.
The conclusion was its not any gender that makes you frail, its just the thoughts you think.
Thanks for reading, and stopping by to give a feedback @fragozar01
I appreciate this very much.


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