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Lately, I often travel from the same side of the region that has extraordinary natural potential, traveling alone sometimes makes my heart calm and serene. Just like today, on a Saturday holiday, I myself visited an island that had a long history about 40 years ago

Today I will invite you to take a trip to an area that has been neglected for a long time. Initially a fishing village called Pusong Lama Lhokseumawe Aceh, has a large island and has extraordinary tourism potential, but the island has become small and all the potential in it has been lost, this is due to the disaster that befell this village about 17 years ago, or on Sunday morning December 26, 2004 that morning an island called Pulau Dareut Pusong Lama Lhokseumawe Aceh, was destroyed by one of the major disasters in the form of an earthquake and tsunami, previously the island, has tremendous tourism potential, this is supported by an island which has a fairly wide area or about 7 hectares more with an oval shape which is located in the south of India Sea side. Then inside the island has extraordinary natural potential. Let's take this trip.

To find out that location, which stands in a strategic situation, you can see it on the map below.

The map image above, shows a strategic location, stands an island that lives in the form of remnants or small piles measuring 1 hectare, which is overgrown with several wild plants and some wild habitats that live in it, when viewed from a distance the island is very beautiful, because located right in the middle of the ocean adjacent to the ocean side of the Indian Ocean.

Since the disaster ended about 17 years ago, no one has visited the island, except for the residents who live in the village itself and some traditional fishermen who use it as a resting place when tired of fishing or fishing.

Moreover, the general public is not allowed to visit it alone unless accompanied by local people who are experienced in traveling to the island. I myself am a local resident who was born in the village, although I grew up in the center of Medan city, I still remember the procedure for conquering the waves that often arrive on the side of the island even though I rely on wooden boats. This means that to access the area, one must have skills like a fisherman.

When I visit him myself, like now, I always lend a sea transportation tool in the form of a wooden boat belonging to my cousin (coincidentally he is a traditional fisherman). I rely on wooden boats to get to the mainland of the island, although sometimes in the middle of the trip I encounter big waves, but I have my own tricks in adjusting the wave motion with the boat, because the wooden boat will not sink if we are good at adjusting the state of the waves to follow its movement. So it's easy to go through. The big waves will continue to exist as long as the sea breeze always blows to the east, so that the direction of the wave flows towards the south.

When you are in a boat or rather in a tributary of a river as a way to get out of the edge of the village to the island, you will see the edge of a distant village, while we are in a boat, the creek or small channel is like a narrow road but has water, with a long shape, while the width of the channel is about 2 meters while the length of the channel is about 1 kilo meter until it reaches Muara as the exit to the island.

When you leave the outskirts of the village, you will also see wooden fishing boats that have been damaged and are no longer used, and the size of this traditional Acehnese wooden boat is as large and long as a small boat used to catch fish in the deep sea near the national border.

When I was in the boat heading to the Muara gate, the boat would automatically follow the river flow and would automatically move away from the edge of the village, due to the influence of the water flowing towards the Muara gate. On the way to the entrance of Muara, you will see a traditional wooden fishing boat that has been damaged and is no longer used. Along the way you will see this traditional Acehnese wooden fishing boat, standing majestically on the banks of the river channel, coincidentally the sea water was receding so it was easier for me to walk. The wooden ship is also a remnant from the disaster 17 years ago. So it looks like the ship's hull has been neglected for a long time.

While from the right you will also see several empty houses that have been abandoned for a long time, because they have been damaged by the disaster. Now the coastal area is prohibited from disaster by the government because it is feared that the same thing will happen if it comes. The local government appealed to the public not to build houses on every shoreline and bank of a river channel approximately 500 meters from the shoreline or from the direction of the river channel.

The empty house was deliberately left as a keepsake, even though it was not inhabited but the house was still decorated with new paint, as a milestone that this region had hit a disaster known to the world. The beauty of the area is the branches of wild wood that have dried up due to the influence of salt water, and are taken advantage of by every flying insect, the most visible of which are colorful butterflies.

The wooden branches grow and dry on the banks of the river channel, so the butterflies will look close to you, making it easier for someone to take pictures while walking by boat.

The boat kept going until slowly the edge of the village seemed far and far away, but the wooden branches remained and stood firmly on each edge of the land. Later when entering a certain season the branches will turn green again because the sea water does not always rise and flood the location along the river channel, salt water will flood the bank, when a full moon occurs it only floods the bank.

When traveling from a river channel or a travel distance of 1 kilometer, you will find the entrance marked by large rocks that become breakwaters that stand neatly in each range of the island. Today I myself met one of the Centadu insects who controlled an area where there was a small hut with bamboo fences as well as the boundary of the hut area.

Since the water was receding, it made it easier for me to dock on the edge of the island without big waves, but if you walk by boat when the water is high (tidal) then you will face a collision of waves hitting the rocks on the edge of the island. Then the water will automatically wet it with the impact and the powerful crash of the waves.

It's very cool to be on the island, even though there are no residents like in the fishing village (mentioned earlier) but it makes us feel comfortable on it. Today I standby here until the afternoon, because apart from observing every insect that dominates the area, I also plan to enjoy the afternoon with the sunset in the afternoon, because soon or in about 1 hour it will sink to the West.

Seeing one of the many species of insects that always dominate the island like Centadu, is a familiar phenomenon here, especially today, I saw a lot of Centadu children who had just been born, but some ran away from my own existence, only one tail is playing on the bamboo fence, it seems that this Centadu is very curious to see the new world, because they have just been born here.

Being seen playing and walking on each layer of the soft top is a very cool thing to look at, only to see the color of the sea water refracting the colors and contrasting when it hits the little Centadu's body and the colored fences that fade from being exposed to the sun every day. Sometimes the sun's exposure varies, this is influenced by the rotation of the sun which changes every year.

Although he looks small and has just seen a new world according to him, he looks very agile in mastering every small area. The hedges and weeds that dominated the area became a new world for him, and later his new location became a center of civilization for the Centadu family as well as every new family for every other insect.

This little centadu, very agile in movement, moved so fast that he was in every place at different times maybe he was as small as a child playing in his chosen location. Apart from Centadu, there are also other types of insects, but I didn't take photos because the temperature was very hot, besides being very tired after walking by boat without using an engine, that's how to do it, you have to use hand strength to pedal for a distance of 1 kilometer, when you get here.

While resting, watching the movement of the charming little Centadu. When doing their activities in welcoming the pleasant days. I was very happy to see him, even though he was alone but it was cool to watch every agile movement like an ant looking for food in its chosen area.

As mentioned above, the plan is to return at night, or after sunset, because returning at that time makes it easier for the boat to move without having to expend energy, as when leaving this morning, this happens because the water has just risen and is starting to rise, or is moving fast (tidal), while the direction of the water goes to the village residents which are not far away or with a distance of 1 kilometer. Taking advantage of natural conditions is easy and doesn't seem to be wasting energy when walking by boat, just follow the direction of the water flow to remote villages without having to spend a lot of energy, the opportunity that can be done is to master the pedal as a steering pedal manually, then the boat will automatically continue move by itself.

After all, I will take advantage of the afternoon by witnessing a very beautiful natural phenomenon in the afternoon, the phenomenon is in the form of a sunset in the afternoon that sinks to the west side which is covered by views of the city on the west

It turned out that this afternoon the weather was very bright and stinging and the temperature was very stinging, this was still visible in the afternoon when it was getting late. The red sun seen in the photo from a distance is an excellent condition and phenomenon. I'm enjoying it here on the island side, looking into the distance. Slowly the sun continues to sink into the horizon, indicating that the Maghrib call to prayer will soon sound.

The atmosphere is getting darker and more pronounced, but the sun looks beautiful in the form of a sunset, but unfortunately around the sun it looks blurry, it seems that the fog covers some of the sunset.

Even though the sun looks a little blurry in the afternoon, it still feels beautiful in the form of an amazing natural phenomenon, seeing it is very beautiful, it looks very close even though the distance from the photo location to the opposite side of the area is very far, maybe this is what is called a natural phenomenon. Looks close but is very far to reach. Enjoying it is so much fun in such a stunning natural setting here in this region, on one of the islands that lovers have long since abandoned.

Darut Pusong Lama Island Lhokseumawe Aceh Indonesia has long been neglected by every lover, even though there are still remnants of beauty in it and remnants of wonders around the edge of the island, I myself walked in the morning, the afternoon was here, then waiting for the natural beauty in late afternoon, and in the end I went home in a wooden boat that has a history of its own. I hope this post makes you happy while reading it. Thank you for visiting. And thank you.....

Photo Taking Location
Lhokseumawe, Aceh
Camera Photo
Smartphone Type Vivo Y12

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