The behavior between two different kinds of creatures


Hello Guys ... How are you today ?

Seeing it on one of the ornamental plants while standing around the petals on the nine o'clock flower, is indeed very perfect in a beauty

(Ladybugs, typical red & black)

Today the weather is very cold but no rain, the sky clearly looks blurry, due to the thick clouds on some sides, so the sun is hidden behind it. Together with the touch of the wind blowing from the west that is able to shake every ornamental plant that grows in every area that has been dominated by the land owner.

The leaves that are always swaying due to the touch of the wind are clearly visible from a distance, as if they invite anyone who passes by to look at them with joy and care.

There are so many people who pass it from all directions and sides, but none of them approach it, this is considered a normal phenomenon in this world. I myself saw the behavior of the people walking and also fixed my eyes on a strand of petals that gleamed with pink.

The busyness of people in life makes something beautiful and elegant that looks in front of him always ignored, like a proverb says You look beautiful but you are very far away, even though you are by my side

They also ignored a beautiful ladybug singing and swaying on the edge of a string of pink flower petals. I myself became interested in seeing two different kinds of creatures swinging and singing simultaneously in a life on the edge of life.

I approached them to ascertain the nature of curiosity, and tried to take a close look at life with different profiles but one goal in life, which is to breathe fresh air this morning. Although this phenomenon is often seen, but I still ask about this phenomenon. People say that, every time there is a flower there must be a beetle that together enjoy this life.

Although these beetles, not pollinating them and also flowers do not have the benefit of their presence, they have one bond in this life, namely to remain friends, every day in exploring space and time.

What happens here in this plant, only functions and is made as a place to stand, here they will ensure the existence of small insects that make the petals and leaves of their companions the main food for other individuals. The incident happened to his best friend (Ladybugs) who became a guard in preserving the petals and leaves for anyone (small pests) who would disturb his little friend.

Granted she looks small and pretty in terms of color, but she will continue to hunt the pests that always eat the leaves of her friends, so it's very fitting for the ladybug to be here with the beautiful petals. Automatically when the presence of ladybugs here becomes a loyal guard in every space and time.

In fact, these beautiful ladybugs, become bodyguards for their friends who both bond naturally, even though there is no agreement process between them. This event happens automatically and will always happen at any time.

Red ladybugs need a foothold while houseplants need an escort from a true friend. Every day this beneficial relationship is always happening and will continue to exist as long as this planet earth still exists.

I myself saw it, becoming two diamond creatures living together in one life. I have never seen this red beetle destroy this part of the petals, leaves, stems. The red ladybugs only look for insects or leaf hama (leaf destroying insects) which are used as food in this short life.

How lucky the life of this ornamental plant, if the red ladybug is always there on every stalk, leaf, and in the flower cluster itself. Because it is able to repel any intruders that will come to its location.

The hunt will continue with its own brand, these red ladybugs will continue to hope for the arrival of their victims into this region, to nourish their bodies with delicious food from intruders who love every flower.

While I only read every movement of two different kinds of creatures, and as long as I was around this plant, I did not see the intruder who saw only two creatures namely the flower and the Ladybugs beetle itself.

My presence at their location made the ladybug uncomfortable, she was also seen in my every movement, so she felt disturbed by this phenomenon, this can be seen from her body that never stops from moving to make a movement that she doesn't like.

These red ladybugs, understand and always smell everything that happens and is born around them, both from humans and from other predators who also eat them.

This relationship is very sweet, it looks ordinary, but there will be something extraordinary if you trace it specifically and for real.

I left the two of them here in a beautiful location with many colorful Memos either from the plant side or from the ladybugs themselves.

May they remain true friends forever in their lives in traveling through space and time.

Photo Taking Location
Lhokseumawe, Aceh
Camera Photo
Smartphone Type Vivo Y12

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