Hello beautiful people and lovely family, firstly I want to welcome everyone to 2022, it's our year of Possibilities, Amen.
You know, most times a lot of us forget the simple things of life and how dependent we were towards those things.
In the past, our forefathers never bought any form of protein (meat) from the market everybody had one form of animal trap in their farms or backyard.
As time evolved, diversity began to play a vital role in the lives of rural dwellers.


They started doing trade by barter, that is a farmer gives some tubers of yam in exchange for bush meat, either grass cutter, bush rabbit, antelope, etc.
Urbanization crept into the rural dwellers who want to have a taste of hotdogs, shredded beef, grilled fish, Yummy right?
Trust me, those products taste real good, this way, the young hunters migrated to the urban areas for greener pastures.
Fast forward to now, we hardly can find real bush meat because even in urban areas, every animal found in the bush has been domesticated, thereby having them ready to be pointed out and killed for various delicacies.

There by making the cost of bush meat expensive.
On the 20th of December 2021, I traveled with my wife to the village just for Christmas because she's been yearning to visit the village after our marriage.
We arrived safely and after cleaning the house, we checked into our room.

I took a walk to smell the village air after inhaling the black soothes ravaging the city of Port Harcourt, River State.
I went straight to the backyard and suddenly I noticed some animal tracks, I know you're asking how I got to know, anyway, am not a rural dweller but while I was in Canada (Ontario), I had some friends that love to hunt and also love fresh foods, meat, etc., so we usually go hunting sometimes with the dogs, but I prefer without the dogs because I enjoy being the hunter, it helps me to know fresh trails of grass cutter, bush rabbits, squirrels, etc.


Now, I saw a few tracks (note, when a portion of the bush is undisturbed by humans, migration of grass cutters becomes huge because they live in colonies as well as rabbits).
SO I beckoned on a neighbor and asked him where I can get a trap for grass cutters, he left and came back with a cage, we went straight to set up the trap, covered it with leaves so it looks undisturbed.

A few hours later, I called him to join me to go check the trap, he eventually came around after 2 hours because at the moment, he wasn't around.

It's not like I couldn't check it out myself, but most time, that trap catches snakes and you need another hand to assist you with killing it inside the cage before getting it out of the cage.
We got to the place and Behold, it caught me a big male grass cutter, immediately, I was overwhelmed with excitement and how my wife would react knowing that apart from being a working-class husband and an urbanized breed, I still have a touch of rural lifestyle flowing in me.

Somehow I was filled with pride, couldn't wait to get home and show off, immediately I got to a certain distance, I started screaming Babe come to see, come see, she ran out with mixed feelings, not knowing what to expect because of the tone of my voice (almost screaming).
Remember, she's pregnant and I had to ask her not to run for fear of falling.
When she saw the size of the grass cutter, she was in awe.
She gave me a look like WHERE DA HELL IS THAT COMING FROM??

I told you to watch the most exciting part, which is roasting it and preparing bush meat pepper soup with fresh scent leaves and freshly pounded pepper and boiled yam....making you salivate already, Yummy right!!


Anyways, after the preparation of the grass cutter, I stepped out in search of a jar of fresh palm wine to step it down with.
Don't forget that I had to reset the same trap so I can check it out in the evening... Guess what, it was 2 over 2, my trap caught an alpha rabbit, from the falling hair on its body, you'll know that those are scars from battles fought while protecting the colony from intruders.

I gave it to my neighbor to help me process it and keep it for the evening relaxation because it goes better with palm wine.
With such delicacies for a week or two, your body system begins to boost energy, blood production, etc.

Much later, I'll share with you my lovely family and friends how I spent my new year and what I ate, but for now, let me allow you to digest this, and I also want to use this medium to say God bless you #OCD, you're an inspiration to many, being one of them, welcome to 2022, soar higher, thank you.


Oh... I hope we see more what you get there to eat 😅😅😅👌👌👌🍷 first time I see how do eat this.