Rising Star Diary #85 (Festival!!)


Hello friends and welcome to my eighty-fifth day in Rising Star!!

Today would have been another quiet day in my career at Rising Star, if it wasn't for the Festival World Tour that takes place in Iceland......


Stats: +25 fans/ +238 skill

Giveaway Results: I won 1 giveaway today! 😃

Thanks @holoferncro!!

My routine:

  • 8x Illegal Busking (3301 starbits and 80XP/ 57 drunk fans)
  • 8x Radio Interview (3830 starbits and 88XP/ 2 pizza, 3 coffees and 174 drunk fans)
  • 8x Open Mic Night (3005 starbits and 160XP/ 6 pizzas and 140 drunk fans)
  • 8x Midweek Support Slot (2904 starbits and 408 XP/ 2 pizzas, 1 4leaf clover and 855 drunk fans)
  • 3x Guitar Lesson (238 skill and 360XP)
  • 1x Starbits Millionaire (10k starbits/ 1 pizza)
  • 1x Festival World Tour


John and I did a incredible show in Iceland and the audience was crazy haha.... I even kept this wristband as a souvenir of this extraordinary show. Let's go to France!

This is my level at the time I write this post:


This is the amount of starbits at the time I write this post: (10k withdraw)


This is my Ego at the time I write this post:


Daily Reward:


I decided not to Blend my wristbands as the first ones I only bought 1 of each. So I plan to buy at least 3 from now (1 for the wristband itself, 1 for the band members and 1 for the full band). It will take practically 1 year to complete my goal, but I'm not in a hurry... everything has its time!!
Thank you for reading and GG!!!