Is Now The Time To Buy Beta Cards?


Is now the time to start buying beta cards? With the chaos legion set coming up for presale and 1 month after that we will see the new card set released along with a load of new features. The modern playset which will include Untamed, Dice, and new reward cards allowed to be used. The wild playset will allow you to use all cards including the beta ones.

This alone may increase the value of the alpha and beta cards as more people want to play in that ruleset. The other reason and main reason I think we will see a price increase is a new bonus going to be applied to beta cards much like the one for alpha and promo cards.

Finally, when Chaos Legion is released, the Beta edition cards will provide a small bonus to DEC earned for each card used in a ranked battle win, and soon that bonus will also apply to SPS tokens earned in ranked battle wins as well!

I talk more about this in the video that you can always view here on 3speak but also on centralized platforms like youtube to help spread the word about this amazing play2earn game.

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