Outdoor update Stank House indica Grow #2


What's going on cannabis community?? Well I never brought out an update last week so this one has some major changes.

We have had some weird weather this year with lots of rain and very mild temps not many 40°C+ days like we normally get. Although Main stream media and the climate scam say other wise.

With the rain we have had all summer I actually only watered this girl one time. So that's pretty dam crazy, when I say we have had lots.of rain I mean it 😂.

Last week we can see nothing really changed maybe some minor growth and fattening of the buds but nothing to go crazy about.

You can see last week the hairs started to change just a little bit. This is when I noticed she was shooting trichomes all over the sugar leaves already.

This week though the temps have changed quite a bit. They are getting really cold at night down to 9°C, this is going to help the plants get more purple and push them to finish. As you can see the top of the plant is already starting to take the nutrients out of the fan leaves and start to do it's fall fade. I think this plant will be an early harvest around the first week to second week of October.

The buds are still fattening up but I am honestly hoping they get real fat over the next couple weeks. We are not in for a lot of rain if any over the next week or two and over this time I will start adding molasses to the soil and hope the plant gets super sticky.

I am planning to add some coconut water to the soil along with some amendments, not sure at this point if they will even do anything but they won't hurt anything and will be ready for the plant next year.

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