Video Game Dairies Part 1 - Minecraft Seed 420 - Tree City Build 1

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Welcome to the start of a new Minecraft building series, I am going to build a new city but this is not going to be just any city, I am going to build a treehouse city, I know right haha. This will be in my newly created realm. I am going to use seed 420 and see how this seed plays out. I know all see are different and so far I was able to find 2 villages.


The first thing I did was find a village to allow me to get a bed without killing any sheep. I mean wool bed is kind of weird IMO anyway but hey.

the second thing was to fill out some of the maps to allow me to see what kind of biomes are on this map, I am not the most familiar with the names of the biomes but we found 4-5 I think.

Once that was done I set off and found some land that I thought I could build a mining cabin, this will be the start of a way to hopefully find some iron to start getting armor and better equipment.

So all in all I got a small garden set up slowly growing, I was able to build the mining cabin and start digging down to see if I can find any tunnels, and last was starting the first "treehouse".


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