Astral Entities Daily Pack Opening 1/5/22



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What to Expect from the Daily Pack Articles

Each of these Daily Pack Openings is about 450 words in the template for explaining what Astral Entities is and where to find more information on it. I will discuss every single card I pulled in today's pack in detail making my best, uninformed guesses at how the card will be in the Astral Entities Universe. If you are new to the universe, read below to find out more. If you're already familiar with Astral Entities, scroll on down to What I pulled today for the 500-800 word discussion on today's pack. I hope you enjoy reading this, as I am so excited about this game universe and these beautiful NFT's!!!

What is Astral Entities?

Astral Entities is a universe of games in development by Hella Rad Games @cryptoreaper and @tanzofett that will use the same NFT's available now at for all their games in the Astral Entities Universe. The purpose of Astral Entities is to release a number of games with a cohesive lore all utilizing the same NFT's. Developers will also have the option of creating in network official titles and unofficial titles using the NFT's.

There are three games currently in development:


Taergyn is like playing Go with D&D inspired Fantasy characters with an array of stats, classes, and an epic depth of lore. This is the flagship game of the series and is expected to launch Q1 2022.

Discordant Adventures

Developed by @kiokizz, is a text based adventure on Discord. Alpha testing for the program is live now on the discord server, but there is no cryptocurrency attached yet. This will be the first game released with a goal of Q1 2022.

The Hunter's Guild

The Hunter's Guild will be a Gamified staking game with an emphasis on the Gamified. On timed adventures, you will be forced to make a number of hard decisions that could take twists and turns in this choose your own adventure.

Many, Many more games planned for release down the line with options being developed for developers to create their own unofficial or official games.

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Today's Pack

Pack Odds and Colors

  • 67% White= T1 Common 173 Attribute Points
  • 25% Green= T2 Uncommon 175 Attribute Points
  • 5% Blue= T3 Rare 177 Attribute Points
  • 2% Purple= T4 Epic 182 Attribute Points
  • 1% Orange= T5 Legendary 190 Attribute Points
  • T6 Not available in Founder Packs.

Alpha Founder Pack Odds will be higher than Alpha Premium packs at launch.

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What I pulled Today

Screenshot 2022-01-05 7.25.16 PM.png

This is just funny. RNG is so weird sometimes. I pulled a T4 two days in a row on 1/2/22 and 1/3/22. Then today I pulled my second two T2 pack in a row after the one I pulled yesterday 1/4/22. I can't be mad when I pulled two T4's in 4 packs though, so I'll take these T2's with grace and dignity! Nah, I'm screaming on the inside and throwing imaginary objects all over the place.

Shadowborne Wanderer

The Shadowborne Wanderer is a T1 Hunter with the traits Stealthy and Agile. Her highest stats are 13 Ego and 13 Speed, and her lowest stat is 10 Luck. She has 56 Physical Stat Points, 58 Mental Stat Points, and 59 Sensory Stat Points. I'll be interested to see how the more stealth oriented hunters will perform in the games-- stealth is such an important trait to real life hunters. I'm tentatively excited.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 8.19.02 PM.png

Elf Brute

The Fleet and Tough Elf Brute is a T2 Warrior with 14 Agility, 14 Awareness, 13 Might, and 13 Initiative. Elf Warriors are very Impressive to me with their lean into Physical and Sensory stat points. They're abilities seem very elegantly Min/Maxed for a specialized Speed Warrior. I will definitely be watching the Elf Warriors at every Tier.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 8.18.08 PM.png

Orc Trapper

The Furious and Agile Orc Trapper is a T2 Hunter with 14 Agility, 14 Speed, 13 Might, 13 Vitality and 13 Awareness. This is a very interesting card, and I suspect it will see play. Who doesn't want a card that does a lot of damage and is crazy fast? I can't wait to see this character tree in action!

Screenshot 2022-01-05 8.17.18 PM.png

Gnome Grunt

The Nosey and Tough T1 Warrior, Gnome Grunt, has 59 Physical Stat Points, 56 Mental Stat Points, and 58 Sensory Stat Points. The stat spread, however, has a dump stat in every category making a pretty interesting Min/Max set up. I can't really tell how this character will work, but he's certainly interesting. His lowest stats are 10 Might, 10 Intelligence, and 10 Speed.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 8.16.35 PM.png

Human Thug

The Versatile and Quick-Fingered Human Thug is a T1 Warrior with 13 sprint, 10 Endurance, and all other stats at 11 or 12. It's hard to say at this point if the even stat spread Generalist strategy or the Min/Maxed Specialist strategy will perform better, and with so many games in the universe, the answer might be a firm Yes.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 8.13.55 PM.png

Daeomon Conscript

The Wicked and Stalwart Daemon Conscript has 14 Endurance and 13 Intelligence, Vitality, and 12 Might. While mostly defensive, I can see him being more of an off tank when you want to run a little heavier on offense or when you want two tanks without completely reducing your damage. Without any of the games released, it's impossible to say, but I think the most likely scenario is that he'll do well in at least one or two games, if not more.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 7.59.16 PM.png

Shadowborne Tinker

The Stealthy and Distracting Shadowborne Tinker is a T1 Trickster with 13 Perseverance and Ego. His weakest stat is 9 Vitality. He has 54 Physical, 61 Mental, and 58 Sensory Stat Points. This character does seem better min/maxed for Mental stats. I think this character tree could be good. Hard to say. Let's find out!

Screenshot 2022-01-05 7.58.26 PM.png

Giant Grunt

The Massive and Tough Giant Grunt has an Impressive 15 Might and 13 Vitality. He has 61 Physical Stat Points, so it is safe to say that the Giant Grunt is a Specialized, Min/Maxed card for Physical Attack. His lowest stat is 9 Intelligence, and he has 55 Mental Stat Points and 57 Sensory Stat Points. The Giant Warrior tree is one to watch in my opinion. Some Massive Damage.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 7.57.38 PM.png

Gnome Tinker

The Nosey and Distracting Gnome Tinker is a T1 Trickster. His highest stats are 14 Dexterity, 14 Wit, and 13 Awareness. His lowest stats are 9 Might and 10 Vitality. He has 55 Physical Stat Points, 58 Mental Stat Points, and 58 Sensory Stat Points for a lean into Mental and Sensory Stats. The Gnome Trickster tree is an interesting one, and I'll be following it. Gnomes do like to tinker and trick after all. Seems like a match made in heaven.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 7.56.50 PM.png

The T1 Priest, Orc Healer, still tickles me so much after all this time. It's such a cool tree of characters. He has the Traits Furious and Calming with 13 Might, 13 Awareness, and 13 Speed. He has two dump stats with 10 Intelligence and 10 Endurance, and he has 58 Physical Stat Points, 55 Mental Stat Points, and 60 Sensory Stat Points for a pretty hard lean into Sensory Stats with a splash of Physical Stats.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 7.55.51 PM.png

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Where to Buy Packs? or on the wax market. Please don't pay more than 6$ while they are still in stock at the shop. Gold Foiled Sets can also be purchased through the Alpha Presale channel on their discord, and they are also for sale on the wax market above official sale price.

For more information, please check out their official discord and

Thank you all for spending time with me today. I always love chatting with everyone, so I hope to see you in the comments. I hope to see you again tomorrow for the next pack!!!

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Shadowborne Tinker. There is just something about the name. Sounds like a good over all card.
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