Astral Entities AMA 2/8/22


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Where to Watch?

What is Astral Entities?

Astral Entities will be several games all utilize the same NFT's and cohesive lore, and will include games spanning every genre possible by the end of time. Developed by Cryptoreaper and Tanzo, each game will aim to have a different flavor and utilize the NFT's in a fresh way. Each game will seek to appeal to their target audience the best it can while the entire franchise expands and brings new players in. Each game will have it's own user base, but with many connections between both players and game titles.

There are three games currently in development:


Taergyn is like playing Go with D&D inspired Fantasy characters with an array of stats, classes, and an epic depth of lore. This is the flagship game of the series and is expected to launch Q1 2022.

Discordant Adventures

Developed by kiokizz, is a text based adventure on Discord. Alpha testing for the program is live now on the discord server, but there is no cryptocurrency attached yet. This will be the first game released with a goal of Q1 2022.

The Hunter's Guild

The Hunter's Guild will be a Gamified staking game with an emphasis on the Gamified. On timed adventures, you will be forced to make a number of hard decisions that could take twists and turns in this choose your own adventure.

Many, Many more games planned for release down the line with options being developed for developers to create their own unofficial or official games.


  • Will pets have a role in Taergyn?

I think so. After you select your cards, we could make it so the pet could be added to one of your cards to give them some kind of bonus. This is still something that we're thinking about, but we think the pets will eventually be usable in Taergyn.

  • After the writing contest Tanzo mentioned working with the writers to make some of the stories cannon. Is that still happening?

Yes, but it was put on the back burner while writing is focused on finishing chapters for Discordant Adventures. This will still happen soonTM.

  • Any new thoughts or ideas about Hunters Guild? Any new potential quest, location, or scenario ideas your excited about?

The ten piece crown will require collecting ten unique NFT's and combining them to a single crown, and there is no telling how that could play out. There will be a city that once was a utopia with several species living in harmony till a necromantic energy took over and turned everything into undead.

There would also likely be unique quests that can only be completed so many times, and the players will progress through eras within in the game.

  • Will Discordant Adventures be fully text based, or will some images be incorporated for some of the chapters?

Lots of images planned, and many of them have been added to the artists google drive. There could also be a trackable map to see where you are in your adventure.


  • Will discordant adventures pick up equipment similar to Hunter’s Guild, or will the prizes be separate? Perhaps Discordant Adventures could make permanent changes to your cards based on decisions made?

That's not likely how it would go since it's not practical within the NFT system, but you may have some games that could remember stats carrying over from other games. This wouldn't be an NFT level change.

  • Will players be able to write stories for Discordant adventures as well either as a contest or open database with ratings and reviews?

There will be a toolbox for players to create the choices and put in items (on a tight reign), but we will absolutely encourage players to create their own stories. There will be official lore stories, but many will be considered off-brand.

Contests to get an official adventure are something we would likely want to do.

An official forum around ratings and reviews on stories would likely need a great deal of moderation we're not quite able to provide at this time.

  • In Taergyn, will you be able to challenge players by invite, or will you only be able to challenge ranked?

We haven't fully fleshed this idea out yet, but we might do something similar to how splinterlands does it with ranked/random provide rewards and invites not providing rewards.

  • Will there be multiplayer Taergyn similar to Commander or Two Headed Dragon in MTG?

We did contemplate a four player version with a larger board with either free for all or teams. This will be something we look at down the line.

  • Besides the basic AE nFT's and astralite, will there be any crossover between the games as they are released?

There will be similar eras of time, and these lore mechanics will be mentioned in game to game.

  • When I retire in the minor town of midvale on banalo, what sort of homes will my realtor be showing me? Are thatched roofs and stone floors an upgrade?

Banalo is interested in that the more rural areas are low technology, but the cities have a fantasy, magic, steampunk vibe. In the rural eras, the thatched roof houses shouldn't look out of place.

  • Have the limits on purchases been lifted?

I think so. Send Cryptoreaper a message to talk with him.

  • In Taergyn, will you be able to challenge players by insult?

We're thinking of adding a 144 character option to send with your invite similar to a tweet. We will likely give pre-determined messages since we won't be able to moderate it properly right from the start. As long as it's fun, I'm probably down to put it in.

Where to Buy Packs? or on the wax market. Please don't pay more than 6$ while they are still in stock at the shop. Gold Foiled Sets can also be purchased through the Alpha Presale channel on their discord, and they are also for sale on the wax market above official sale price.

For more information, please check out their official discord and

Thank you all for spending time with me today. I always love chatting with everyone, so I hope to see you in the comments. I hope to see you again tomorrow for the next pack!!!


Ive missed the AMA but always trust Sketchy for the recap. Thank you!


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