Elden Ring - 2 Boss Fights - Nox Duo & Watchdog Pair (Screenshots & Video

Elden Ring - 2 Boss Fights - Nox Duo & Watchdog Pair (Screenshots & Video


Here's some quick info on the game:

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[GAMEPLAY] In Elden Ring, players control a customizable player character on a journey to repair the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord. The game is presented through a third-person perspective, with players freely roaming its interactive open world. Gameplay elements include combat using several types of weapons and magic spells, horseback riding, and crafting.


[STORY] Elden Ring takes place in the Lands Between, a fictional landmass ruled over by several demigods. It was previously ruled over by the immortal Queen Marika, who acted as keeper of the Elden Ring, a powerful force that manifested as the physical concept of order. When Marika eventually shattered the Elden Ring and disappeared, her demigod children began warring over pieces of the Ring in an event called the Shattering. Each demigod possesses a shard of the Ring called a Great Rune, which corrupts them with power. In the game, the player character is a Tarnished, one of a group of exiles from the Lands Between who are summoned back after the Shattering. As one of the Tarnished, the player must traverse the realm to repair the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord.


Today's post is about two different boss fights -- Nox Swordtress and Monk & the Erdtree Watchdog Pair

The reason why I decided to do two boss fights is because the first one was a little bit too short so I added a dungeon boss-fight that wasn't too much of a copy of previous dungeon-fights.

(If you don't have time to read through the screenshots below, I've attached a video link of the full fight at the BOTTOM of the page!)

I'm here to find out what exactly is behind the giant magic barrier at Sellia Town in Caelid so I return on horseback to check it out once I've unlocked it.

Thanks to all these little online messages, I have an idea of what I need for the battle ahead.

It's a very good question, why not three bosses at once? Four? Six? Ten? Sixteen? Put me in a giant stage with sixteen bosses and I'll truly feel like a real Elden Lord!

I see two guys in robes and it spooks me a bit so I summon my Raya Lucaria soldiers -- which is basically two distracting ghosts and one bigger smarter guy with big sword.

I fling a Lightning Spear incantation at the closest one and it does a huge whopper of damage against them ... okay guess I'll have the advantage here.

GIF Source
Me readying another Lightning Spear for these poor suckers haha

Aaaaannnnnddddd .... THUMBNAIL!
(Although I've had trouble putting thumbnails lately on Ecency, it seems it keeps defaulting to my first image. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.)

The Swordstress I'm bullying manages to dodge which both annoys and impresses me because I do want them to put a little bit of a fight.

The next moment I time a charged-up Lightning Spear and it does some nearly killer damage.

Poor guy -- I mean gal (That's what a Swordstress is, right? A female swordswoman? Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not a hundo-p on that)

I turn to see how my summons are doing -- not so well. They've managed to trap the Monk in a corner with staggers but they're getting hurt a lot more than him.

GIF Source
It's okay, my little ghost friends.
Papa Tarnished is here.

Let's just say I've been wasting my time with Lightning against these guys -- flame spells, or flame frenzy to be specific is the way to go!

I have no idea where my summon buddies are but at this point I only know the monk is still there due to his dramatically dwindling health bar.

I stop to rush over and give him the respect of a finishing sword blow.

But he jumps up at the last second to maybe dodge a magic-bomb one of my other ghost-summons has thrown -- but it looks like he's rearing up for an attack of some kind.

Hell of an attack, must've been his special or Ash of War -- one of my ghost summons gets annihilated and not only get damaged but blown back ... hell of a way to go out, guy. Claps for him.

The magic bomb thrown earlier still kills him and I'm a little annoyed I didn't get to kill him personally but a win's a win.

I get a cool new sword for winning this fight and it's got an interesting magic property that makes it whip-like for its Ash of War which is fun.


The next following screenshots are from a dungeon-boss that I thought was a lot more unique than the usual watch-dogs since there were two of them!

I'd repeatedly died already but here was another attempt at taking down these two -- which started with some good old frenzy vision.

This was a difficult attack to dodge because you actually don't have to move that fast to escape them and moving slower can be to your advantage.

Released another big blast of Frenzy Vision but this is right before getting smashed by this Watchdog.

The best strategy for this fight was too maintain my distance as much as possible so I could see both of their attacks coming and prepare.

Prematurely dodging these magic missiles always backfires -- it's better to simply run to the left or right just before they hit you.

I hit this guy in the leg and it did a much smaller chunk of damage than the last attack which made me wonder if their legs were exceptionally strong.

The shockwave from this magic slam-attack was pretty potent but it nicely illuminated the battle stage -- this video is tough to watch because I usually have waist lantern turned on in dungeons but I'd previously died and it got automatically switched off.

My Lightning Spears felt rather tedious in this battle but they're so much faster to activate than my other spells. There was no point picking up that fallen rune sign because it was already at zero.

The pain of knowing you're about to get obliterated ...

These damage shots would be so much more vivid if I had my lantern on.

Here I go again ... flying through the air. My sword is also pointless for these fights since these guys are made of stone.

This is the correct way to evade the magical missiles -- running to the side at the last second before they hit. Also, Bloodhound Step is perfect but I was conserving my FP.

Not my best moment ... but not every fight ends in victory.

GIF Source

I start off with Dragon Rot Breath this time around but it also does not prove effective here.

I keep throwing lightning but I should be doing frenzied burst despite it much lower speed.

I accidentally rewinded this clip while uploading it and it looked really cool as the magic missiles traveled backwards, almost like I was the one casting them.

Getting stomped by these guys is brutal.

Luckily, I dodge far enough and heal despite one of them being so close.

Good thing I healed!

If only there was a way I could steal their capes.

Frenzied Burst destroys one of them so I try to maintain distance and keep to lasering them from a safe distance.

If only I could fly like they can.

I thought Frozen Lightning might be worth a try but it was pointless.

Sometimes I imagine there's a person holding a camera behind my character and in fights like this -- I keep almost knocking them over due to flying backwards from enemy attacks haha

Here's a close-up of the last guy, some kind of three-faced demon cat statue.

Nearly kills me with this second attack.

Fire vs Lightning!

I am the winner and I have earned a Pumpkinhead ghost summon -- Sweet!

That was a lot harder than the Nox Duo fight and lasted a lot longer.


Here's a video of the full NOX DUO Fight below:


Here' a video of the full Watchdog Pair fight below:

Hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to leave comments!

See you all on the next post of my Elden Ring adventure!