My Defi Project Updates


Project Updates


  • I believe in the power of knowlege and decentralized finance.
  • So for three years I have run projects here on Hive and Leofinance to give people access to decentralized finance in a simplistic manner.
  • The idea was simple, defi is complicated, make it simple.
  • But as sound as the idea seemed these projects never gained a wide following.
  • This is a project status report on three projects.

Project Status Reports

- No Loss Lottery

- EasyDefi Polycub Pool

- Easydefi Cubfinance Pool

- SushiSwap Hack


No Loss Lottery

Closing the Lottery
  • It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of this project.
  • The No Loss Lottery was a Prize Linked Savings account which allowed depositors access to weekly prizes for 3 years here on Hive.
  • The lottery prizes were in the 50-75-100 Leo range with about 21,000 Leo awarded over the 3 year life of the project.
  • The Lottery was patterned after similar lotteries on the Ethereum Blockchain, which accepted crypto and awarded prizes.
  • The Lottery was never as successful as it's counterparts on other blockchains, and after 3 years of trying to build up the Lottery membership I decided it was a product with no real demand on Hive.
  • I know it was a big source of income for many who grasped the concept, but many did not.
  • I thank those of you who participated and appreciated the opportunity to learn and grow.

Easy Defi project Status Report


EasyDefi PolyCub Pool

EasyDeFi Cubfinance Pool

EasyDefi PolyCub Pool

  • The earnings has slowly declined with this defi project as the token is deflationary and APR were halfed with every halving.
  • The token price has dropped in this bear market also.
  • PolyCub is the home to many really good ideas and some have been exported to Cubfinance with really good results.
  • This investment pool is closing and funds will be returned or reinvested according to investors instructions.
  • So far everyone who has replied to the project update wants to move their funds to the Cubfinance pool, which is still earnng a respectable 20 plus yearly APR.

EasyDefi Cubfinance Pool

  • This pool has grown, shrunk and grown again.
  • Currently paying about 20% APR and earnings are sent monthly now to reflec reduced earnings of the bear market.
  • This pool is the personification of the concept, make whats hard easy; the The EasyDefi Two Step : instead of completing the 12-13 steps to invest you send Leo to @easydefi wallet, and @easydefi sends you money monthly.
  • Plus instead of paying transaction fees at every movement of your money, and seeing your investment get reduced to about 90 percent by the time you finanlly get it invested, @easydefi absorbs all the fees, so your complete investment makes it intact to Cubfinance.
  • For those who grasp the importance and advantage of this concept this has been a profitable pool. The CUbfinance pool returned an ROI approaching 100% the first year and over 25% the last two years, as it approaches it's third year.
  • Unfortunately, it is not not as popular as I hoped. It appears that to see the value of such a service you need to understand the complexity of the process.
  • But for the 35 pool investors who see the value, I thnk you for participating. I think the price of CUb will rise over the next year and your earnings will be very significant.

SushiSwap Hack

  • Sushiswap, the biggest decentralized exchange on Polygon, I think, was hacked this weekend, and permissions people granted it from their diital wallets allowed the hackers access to their funds.
  • Polygon wich is always very busy and has long cues for transaction completion was a pretty slow this weekend.
  • I have terminated or revoked all permissions for the invested funds to protect the wallet.
  • In addition I have moved the Easy Defi Cubfinance Investment Pool funds to a new wallet with no connection to Sushiswap.
  • The Polygon/Sushiswap funds are still tied up on Sushiswap, but I have faith the developer team behind Sushiswap will patch the entry point and normal transactions should resume soon.
  • If the funds on PolyCub are lost, I will reimburse investors from my own funds, so no investor funds will be lost.


  • No Loss Lottery Closed
  • EasyDefi PolyCub closing and funds being moved to EasyDefi CUbfinance
  • EasyDefi Cubfinance Pool still open, funds have been moved to another wallet for protection from Sushiswap Exchange Hack
  • SushiSwap Exchange Hack has frozen the EasyDefi PolyCUb funds, but no investor funds will be lost, I will reimburse all investors from my funds.
  • Questions? Comments? Please reply in comments below.


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