Easy Defi and No Loss Lottery Pools reach 20,000 Leo invested



Total Value Locked now 20,000 Leo

Today I am excited to announce that the two pooled investment programs I created on here on the Hive blockchain, using Hive-Engine, Leofinance and Cubfinance on Binance Smart Chain have reached a Total Value Locked of 20,000 Leo!

Thank You Hive Community

I am very grateful for the trust showed me by my investors, and I hope they are very happy with the weekly earnings transferred directly into their wallets.

Easy DeFi over 15,000 Leo invested


  • This a pooled funds investment, where you can invest your Leo or Hive in the Yield-Farms on Cubfinance simply by making a wallet transfer of 250 Cub or the Equivalent amount of Hive to the account @easydefi.

  • The funds are then wrapped, converted, deposited and earn amazing yields on Cubfinance Yield Farms. These earnings are then converted back to Leo and paid out to investors every Sunday.

  • I do all the transaction, pay all the fees, effect all the transfers, wraps, etc. It is about a ten step process to get into the pools, harvest and reinvest in Cub Kingdoms.

  • I do this so the pool investors earn the highest yields 120% plus in Cubfinance Yield Farm and 68% Yield in Cub Kingdom staking farm. For a 10% administration fee.

  • This saves investors time, money and frustration, because this is crypto, everything doesn't always run smoothly, and not everyone has time for that. :)

  • Plus I cover investor funds tied up in these wraps or other processes when the processes break down, to insure each investor gets a full seven days of earning. This is despite technical difficulties with Leobridge, Binance Nodes, Binance APIs, Hive-Engine API's, etc...you get the picture.

  • This is complex stuff that doesn't work perfectly every time. But the potential earnings are worth it, and I deal with these headaches, so you don't have to...

  • In addition I pay all the BNB transaction fees.

  • I think this pool saves investors time, money and frustrations.


  • Pool investors are well on their way towards earning over 100% APY on their investments this year. We have nine weeks of investments and nine payouts on time.
  • Heres Last weeks wallet transfers to investors and you will find this wallet transfer in every investors report every Sunday.


How to invest??

  • Send 100 Leo or the equivalent amount of Hive to @easydefi wallet and that's it.
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No Loss Lottery a Prize Linked Savings Account, over 4600 tickets sold!


  • This is a Prize Linked Savings Account, which means unlike a regular lottery where you buy a ticket, and if you don't win your money is gone, here your money is always here and you can withdrawal it any time.
  • And here each Leo you deposit buys you one number, which if it is selected in the weekly drawing wins you a prize which is 10 Leo, 20 Leo, 40 Leo, 50 Leo, 80 Leo or 100 Leo!
  • And if you don't win, as long as you leave your Leo in the account you have a chance to win the next week.
  • Its a lottery where you don't lose the price of your ticket, you can always get it back, and one purchase makes you eligible for the lottery every week.
  • Last weekend I gave away 166 Leo in Prizes!

This weeks winners: One Leo won these prizes:

@jfang003 won 80 Leo
@votebetting won 40 Leo
@vempromundo won 20 Leo

Last weeks winners:

@chroncrypto won 100 Leo
@marshmellowman 50 Leo
@eirik @25 Leo
@spinvest 10 Leo
@jfang003 6 Leo

Previous winners
@votebetting 72 Leo
@chronocrypto 36 Leo
@alokkumar 18 Leo

  • Every Sunday over 100 Leo are awarded in prizes!
  • Every Sunday I write a post announcing the winners
  • Every Sunday the wallet transfers to the winners are published in that post.
  • This is crypto, everything is transparent.
  • Heres last weeks wallet transfers to the winners:


Where does the Prize Money Come from?

  • The Leo or Hive from Ticket purchases are invested in a yield farm on Leofinances Cubfinance on Binance Smart Chain, these are then harvested and the Cub converted to Bleo, the Bleo to Leo and the Leo transferred back to Leofinance to award as prizes in the lottery.
  • You save your money like a Savings Account
  • You can win a Prize like a Lottery
  • It's a Prize Linked Savings Account
  • It's called the No Loss Lottery!
How to enter?

Questions about these projects?
Leave them in the comment section below!

The End...for now.


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I just sent 100leo to easydefi. Is that the minimum amount or any amount can be sent?

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Thats the new minimum amount. So you can send any amount over 100.
Welcome to Easy Defi!

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