Teddy bear's picnic

Hello to all educationists. I want to share a special event that takes place every year in my school where I teach. We couldn't mark the event last year due to COVID-19 lockdown. Teddy bear's picnic is an event that is celebrated to mark Nigeria's Independence and the school founder's day. This year's own was interesting and educative as it involves class by class presentation and spelling bee quiz. Each class came out to introduce the new name they want to be known for collectively. The Pre nursery introduce themselves as the blooming butterflies, Nursery one as shooting stars 🌟, Nursery two as Spectacular superheroes, Primary one as Brighter rainbow, primary two as the kings and queens, primary three as Celestials, Primary four as brightest stars and primary six as Incredibles.
They all came out with their beautiful costumes that showcase the name of their class and also educate other classes what the names mean and why they want to be called that name. The proprietress of the school was present to listen to the poems rendered in honor of her. The pupils usually come with their teddy bears from home and snacks to share amongst themselves. It's a way of building love, cooperation and unity of purpose amongst the pupils. Which is what my dear country Nigeria needs to become greater due to its diversity in ethnic groups.