I am alive challenge day 25


Hello hivers! It's good to be back in this wonderful and mind blowing community after been away for sometime. I felt tired and hopeless when life wasn't going smoothly the way I thought. I gave up on everything and reflected on myself. I ask myself questions like "where did I go wrong ?, when will I get out of this mess? Is life going to get any better?
The only answer I could get from my Bible, friends , online videos etc is " Been alive is not a mistake. There is a reason you're still hanging on, there's a reason God hasn't stopped that breath, life is the beginning of hope. Since I am alive, God hasn't given up on me yet. I am a miracle in process. To my one million friends out there, be happy for life, be grateful for life and stay alive. Thanks to the brain behind this community @iamalivechalleng community @flaxz for a wonderful job well done. More grace and power to your elbow