Is It Difficult To Love Enemies?


Honestly I'm not having such super power of forgiving those people who doesn’t left any chance to be my enemy. But yes sometimes I ignore, keep safe distance, let things go only for my own mental satisfaction not because I'm really very good at forgiving enemies. I know hating enemies will bring nothing but avoiding them can help us avoiding troubles.

Who are our enemies? People who become jealous when they see us happy, successful and having something they don't have or they can't afford as a result they try to harm us and make disturbances to irritate us. Its hard to deal with such people already living around you. Enemies are always alert to get a chance to harm us so we should be more careful and try to keep distance.

In the history there were many kind or generous individuals who loved their enemies and their enemies became their friend. But it was past, if today you forgive your enemy and try to love your enemy, your enemy will get a chance to harm you in a different way. So trusting an enemy is like trusting a snake which can bite anytime anywhere.

If you have a big heart to love your enemies, I must appreciate that but do not be blind when you love or trust your enemies. Forgiving sometimes possible but its hardly possible to love an enemy who already showed his/her true color. We can't change their color with the love but we can try it with the hope that your enemy could be your friend in future. I think no need to love enemies, just be good to them to make them realize that how bad they are. If they can't realize then having safe distance will be wise.

For me "Yes" its different to love enemies but we shouldn’t hate them because we can avoid them to avoid troubles or problems. Our hatful behaviour can make them more dangerous so avoid them as much possible. Forgive them but do not forget what they did to you, always remember that as a lesson. Never try to take revenge, it will make your life more complicated, just wait for the revenge of nature on your behalf.

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