Good Practices Bring Blessings


This is my last post of the day before sleeping. Its time to say good night. What is the good practice that bring blessings in my life? Blogging before sleeping and blogging after waking up is the good practice that bring blessings in my life. This is an example that I'm experiencing. But there are lots of good practices that we can do daily and experience the blessing.

Today's random thoughts allow me to discuss in this topic. Practicing a new skill or developing an old skill also a kind of good practice and not only that, when a person doing daily workout or physical exercise, a good health he gets as blessing. A daily activist can get productivity as blessing so when we will start counting blessings it will never end. The all we need to do practice regularly for something good.

We need to set our mind for particular good practices and should have training too. A training help us improving the good practice. A man when do gym regularly, successfully become a body builder and this is indeed a blessing. Today I was thinking about my blogging and platforms that giving me enough appreciation, indeed its a blessing. Having a kind heart and practicing good behavior can help us having loyal friends and that's a kind of blessing.

Its true that our good practices need a lots of efforts and sometimes we get tired but we shouldn’t give up. You may doesn’t experience the result of your good practices instantly but you’ll experience blessings definitely. It may takes time and holding patience is always highly appreciated by Almighty who send to us reward or blessings. A good practice is not something against your heart so you can follow your heart and can find what is good for you.

A good practice like praying daily and try to connect our creator or Almighty and we get inner peace as reward but the prayer should be sincere and attentive. Do not expect good result instantly and do not give up when its really very good for you. Like praying, doing charitable activities also bring mental peace and satisfaction so we can do it too. Every good deeds has a good impart in our life and we experience it either sooner or later. Every single breath is blessing so we can practice being thankful to our Almighty and express gratitude by attending prayers.

Thanks For Reading