Freedom Of Speech


Believe it or not women and kids often have no freedom of speech in many region. Some kids nip in bud because their conservative parents doesn’t allow them to talk everywhere, as a result when those kids grow up become less confident to talk or give speeches in public with confidence.

Its true everyone won’t use the freedom of speech in a position way but always making a person stop talking can be a reason of down feeling. Everyone should have freedom to tell their words or opinion. If not liked, ignore or if liked then accept but stopping others to share their speech is not right.

Actually I'm a victim of that and I was muted by my family members and so called guardians as a result I've no confident to talk in public and I became dumb, sealed my lips in public. They believe I shouldn’t talk and share my opinion, they are scared that I may unveil their secrets lol.

When we are victim of something we try not to see others become victim like us. So I always allow kids telling whatever they want. When I meet my niece I saw her mother often scold her for telling something irrelevant or something she shouldn’t tell but she wants to tell. When the kid scold by her mother she feels down and her face tell it everything.

Kids learn talking from you elders so teach them telling the right word but you’ve no right to mute them. I know how does it feels. Sometimes women also suffer from this problem as their so called guardian doesn’t allow them sharing their voice ot opinion. Women can't protest when seeing something happening wrong because they are muted by family and so called guardians.

Its true silence is the best and can help avoiding problems but having freedom of speech is also important. Teach your kids how to talk don't mute them and make them less confident and down that they mute when its necessary for you or for everyone. Give freedom of speech and get the freedom too, just use your words properly, that's all.

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freedom of speech

The most important thing to guard, or we will all become puppets of the power structure.