City Life Experiencing Load-Shedding


This is a kind of load-shedding thought. Today we are suffering from discontinuation of electricity as a result our life hampered in many ways. We have water crisis in this load-shedding and in city life this happen rarely but in villages load-shedding is a common issue or I can say everyday issue.

Whenever its load shedding, it bring me back to my childhood when we had fun and no need to study and did any kind of fun kids mostly do. Childhood load-shedding was enjoyable and awesome. I'm no longer a kid now and today's load-shedding is irritating. Load-shedding in city life is absolutely unexpected as cities are more developed than the villages.

Our financial is at risk and price of all products is increasing day by day specially the price of oil is rising up and now power cut issue is also bothering public. Wanted to bring some good thoughts but the worse situation of country is my concern now. But what to do in such situation? It should be fixed by government as a citizen I've done my responsibilities as much possible.

Actually I'm living in the capital city of my country where there life is smart and like robotic. Here all are busy with their study and career so things that should be fixed by government and its not the responsibility of other public like me or us. But as common public we are suffering from load-shedding and we are expecting support from government.

Childhood days were so good as we had no concern of such things but after growing up things are now our concern. We are responsible citizen now after all. Thankfully electricity restored and suffering is less than it was predicted. It came back shortly but the water problem not yet solved as the electricity of particular apartment restored. Hope the problem of electricity will be solved soon.

Thanks For Reading