My Snake Photography

Good Morning photography world, Sunday fun day is here, now let's get them camera's out there and get to shooting whatever makes you feel good. For me I am just on these birds like a hawk, haha. Well if I see anything else that captures my eye, then I'd snap that too. Yesterday I got to spend an hour with an Osprey that flew twice and I believe I got some really nice close flight shots, my closest and fun time with one of the bigger birds. One thing with big, you get some time and another with small bird, they fast and most of the time don't sit still. Those pictures will be coming soon, got to still go thru my memory card first. For today's shot's going to go with this awesome California King Snake that I almost stepped on when I was out on a hike and photo shooting trip.

This one is the best close up that I got out of the batch of shots.


Got him with his mouth open but its like he was yawning at the moment because he was funky going back and forth, I didn't get a good shot with the mouth open.


This is the moment he wanted to take off and he was gone.


This shot right here is technicality a repost picture that I posted using Liketu but its the best one I have that captures the full body of this Striped California King Snake. Figured I needed to add it so everyone can see how beautiful this snake was with the long stripes and then the tail opposite stripes.


Anyways thanks for stopping by, Have a blessed one and thank you for coming in and checking out my shot of the day. Stay tuned and enjoy my future shots in the world of photography, thru my lens.