My Dragonfly Photography


Good Morning photography world and Hive Family, today's feature is going to be a few shot's of some Dragonfly's that I have captured on hikes, or just around the lakes locally. It's pretty fun to capture them, for its not any easy task sometimes. Unreal that their is over 3,000 species of the Dragonfly. I still just have my Canon 100mm-400mm telephoto Len's on, so that helps me be further away to zoom in so I don't spook them into flight. It has been more easy to capture the red Dragonfly versus any other color. Regardless whenever I can take a shot of one, I will do so. All wildlife or insects, will definitely deserve a shot or two, if not more depending on the circumstances. Whatever it takes, I just want to keep getting out there and continuing my enjoyment of nature and wildlife, thru my len's. These days it seem to be the best thing for me to do with my time, free time that is. Let me know out of all the photography shot's what ones your favorite and if you have enjoyed them.

What I really want is to go out and capture some more different wildlife, I do have some shots of animals from the Wild Animal Park, that one day I shall post as well. I have ran into a few Coyotes, some deer and a lot of squirrel's. I think I'm ready to drive further out, to a mountain where I know I can capture some more wild animals. That is on my list of things to get done. Stay tuned on that.

For my first one this is definitely my favorite, the colors just pop and its pretty clear to see why its my favorite shot of them all. This one was shot at my local lake.


This shot was further away but I really like the color's, as well as the color's of it's surroundings. This one was shot at a local dam that I have been know to visit and hike around the trail's.


This one was taken on a hike that is closer to the dam that I have mentioned above. Also the same location I was trying to be attacked by an angry bird, definitely not wearing that shirt again on a hike. haha.


For this one was shot at the local lake but different lake from the above shot's. The Redish Brown color with the greens in to back are nice.


Right here is another favorite due to the water drops within the photo. Also shot at the dam.


Finally to some different colors, this was actually shot at my house. We have had many hawks in the neighborhood because the babies are starting to fly, and lucky I caught this one on the railing to the stairs. Looks like camo and also was the only shot I got off before it flew away.


As for the last one, I assume this is mating time for these two love birds, LOL. Definitely some nice colors with the water moss surroundings them. I only got of two shots before they flew off together with love.


Anyways thanks for stopping by, Have a blessed one and thank you for coming in and checking out my shot of the day. Stay tuned and enjoy my future shots in the world of photography, thru my lens.



your first photo the Red dragonfly is very beautiful, the color is so perfect the red is so intense plus the shot is so good