My Photography


Good Morning photography world, another day and another dollar in the making. I have been going hard at photography and is the reason I haven't been around in awhile. To the ones that know me and remember me, hope all is well, as for me things are as good as they can be. That's me being positive because our world is upside down for sure but I got to keep it pushing with whats good.

Anyways here is one of my favorite bird shots that I have taken and many more to come, hope you all enjoy them. Not going to post daily but its nice to get a post in every now and again. Also my first time posting in the Photography Lovers community and it shouldn't be my last.

This was a fun time at one of my local lakes and here is a Black Crowned Night Heron, really don't understand why its called that when they are clearly blue but anyways this bird was great and he let me get so many shots, as well as I got about a foot away from him to capture many close ups. Such a good bird as for all the other Herons I couldn't get close at all, without them flying away. Nevertheless I got many great photo's of this bird, so more to come.

Have a blessed one and thank you for coming in and checking out my shot of the day. Stay tuned and enjoy my future shots in the world of photography, thru my lens.