Weekly dCity Journal - 3 Citizens Mined 8 Citizens, 1 Technology, and 1 Background!!!!


My City Overview

Weekly dCity Journal (1).jpg

My City Helper View


Other Random Stats I like to Track

Citizens Cards Minted

  • Homeless 2
  • Immigrants 2

Technologies Minted

  • N/A

Backgrounds & Animations

  • Floating Islands

Training & Criminals

  • Scientist 2
  • Worker 3
  • Workers 2

  • Total Cards 567
  • Basic Income 1093
  • Education 1032
  • Creativity 371

SIM Power 902,438
Sim On Hive-Engine 1,299,934

Weekly Digest - The Good, Bad and Sensltess

I think that overall, It was an OK week. While I certainly got lucky pulling the new backgrounds of Floating Islands, I didn't pull a single tech, and I am maxed out.I am hoping that I pull some really rare stuff next week!!!

I did well creating citizens and training them. I am negative and will need to keep finding new sources over time. So far so good though, and I will keep it going for as long as I can

I keep pushing and I am making slow progress. Last week I was at 171, and this week I am 371. Moved up from 2% chance to 4%. It took quit a bit to get there. Creativity is really hard to stack.

Cards Bought 12,837 SIM
19 Art Gallery
5 Fire Station
1 Police

I am buying as many art Gallery as I can afford trying to boost my creativity. I will keep going and doing what I can. It is going to really take a lot to get there. I keep looking for better ways to build it up but not sure if I am missing anything or just need 1000 art gallerias.

Sister Cities - Senstless.Rental

-Total Cards 322

  • Education 1001
  • Unemployed 4

Citizens Cards Minted

  • Homeless x 1
    _ Immigrants x 1

Technologies Minted

  • Advanced Prarer

Thoughts and Future Plans

Decent - Advanced Prayer is really a great tech to find since every city can stack it 10 times. I will take it!!!

Cards Bought - Went Bonkers
I had over 5000 SIM sitting in my account, and one late night I decided to buy 2nd edition cards with it. While I normally dont do think I felt like taking a flyer and seeing what lady luck would bring me.

  • Forest
  • Wind Turbine
  • Research Center
  • Farm
  • Wind Turbine
  • Casino

Not sure how I did really. I honestly have no idea what prices are outside of the 4-5 cards I am activity buying. I feel so new to it all I like the variety. I feel like a couple were better cards, and even the common cards are useful. They all were pretty much positive cards, no real negative stats.


Sister Cites - Initech

NO Change - still the same city as before. Just trying to mine those homeless and immigrants to send over for training I managed to get 2 this week, so I sent them over. I see no change in the future for Initech, not sure if I should keep it in the summery. I do like showing how even small cities can mint citizens so you all can stop focusing on taxes... my new cards didn't were not taxed and I can get their full value if I sell on the market!!

NFT'S Minted

Citizens Cards Minted

  • Homeless x 1
  • Immigrants x 1



wow very nice dcity journal, keep it up! well done!