On Cussing



Does anyone else notice an increase in cussing?

In what experiences, subcultures, or media in your day to day life?

I want to be clear: I've zero moral issues with cussing. My issue is that it can often be used to try to add intensity to an idea without doing the thought/work required to use other words.
And sadly, it influences those listening a tiny bit in the direction of cussing more. My personal way with cussing is to reserve it for special occasions.

What does cussing potentially say about a person?

Note: The following are my personal judgements.

One or more of the following:

  • Laziness
  • Signaling non-conformity
  • Attempting to signal they are free of convention
  • Poor vocabulary
  • Lack of imagination
  • Emotional fragility
  • Poor self-awareness
  • Poor self-control

Can you think of any others?

What do you think when you hear someone cussing excessively?

For you, what is "excessive"?

Do you change your frequency of cussing depending on the audience?

What affects, if any, do you think cussing has on children?#### Do you modify your amount of cussing depending on your audience?

Do you think hearing cussing affects children?


I think you hit all the main point. Another one is anger and ignorance. Rather than try to phrase an argument it becomes, "you mother f****r", "you f*****g ass***" instead of addressing it. It is also a sign of a bully. Since they cant win, they demean a person with profanity.


Hi everyone. My name is yayo and
I used to be a heavy cusser.

I grew up ghetto parts of Dalton, GA, attended the schools there, went to Catholic Church and schools, attended "parties", etc. Always sorrounded by heavy cussing from the adults and children.

I wasn't a popular guy at all and thus kept to myself most of the time. I got to a point where I did not care about being popular but to seek quality people to be friends with. Of course with time passing on, these people move on and as did I.

I didn't talk much to anyone at all that much and when I did it was "too much" (whatever that means). Not many really gave much interest to what I had to say because I never talked about the shoes laces and the way the "cool" kids were wearing them, the watches, the clothes, the bling bling, the gang fights, yugioh, god, etc... They were topics I considered very boring and where the most talked about during the early school days.

It didn't matter what topic it was or where I was or who was speaking. Everyone cussed during these discussions.

Growing up with strict parenting and rules, I was told cussing was a bad thing and boy did I face repercussions for doing so. Yet, I kept seeing how unfair it all was.

From teachers to parents to even the rat call of children pointing it out, everyone was allowed to cuss, except me. That was how it felt at the time. It made me really fucking angry.

I am 31 years old now, living alone with my dogs and cats and I swear they cuss more than I do. I don't want to say that cussing alot means the person doing so is a illiterate or stupid by any means. I have found some very genius people that cussed alot too.

Maybe sometimes even brilliant feel the need to cuss alot to get out what is in their chest that they can not find the words to express because the emotional baggage is just drowning them of words.

I find cussing to be a good way to vent out supressed emotions. It helps me at times.

I do believe though that we each have to find a balance with it however. Understanding the power of words as they are energies with geometric designs and thus influences our dna depending on frequencies, we will start to use them less and less. Our lives will get better doing so in the long run.

That is all I have for now I am almost late for fucking work.