Season End Rewards 11-30-21


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Hi All,

I was slow to open my season rewards, to be honest I was hoping the later I opened my chest the better the rewards would be. its silly I know and its almost like it backfired on me and I got worse rewards. well there's honestly no bad rewards in the game they all help you to level up and grow.

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I received one pelacor mercenary, one gargoya lion, one pelacore bandit, one pelacore conjurer and one venari heat smith. to be honest with just the cards alone im pretty happy at this haul.thats not all I got, I also received 28 dark energy crystals and 4 legendary potion charges. Im hoping and praying that when chaos packs drop ill be able to get gold and legendary splinters.

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I ended this season in silver 3 with a rank of 14k. seems like im doing worse and worse as time goes on. I will have to start buying more cards to battle with and less cards to rent out.