A proposal Christmas challenge.

Hello great people of this great tribe; it has being an honor making this journey with everyone so far.

I took a four days break from the community and blockchain to prepare for Christ celebration coming. And now I have an important message to share with everyone.

What is the Challenge?
It would be wonderful when people of this beautiful tribe can share pictures and contents of how they celebrated there Christmas with friends and family. Showing the love of Christmas and what we got for sharing the affliction and celebration of Christ.

It’s just that simple!

There would be rewards for the winners of this challenge;

  • 1st place: 20 pob.
  • 2nd place: 10 pob.
  • 3rd place: 5 pob.

I have being blessed so much by the tribes of POB/VYB. And I also want to make Christmas fun for everyone in my own little way.

The rewards might feel small but let’s enjoy the fun of sharing our 25th and 26th experiences about Christmas season.

Challenges would be opened for a week, just to have time and reflections to develop a quality content.


  • No plagiarism, original content would be acceptable please.
  • Use your brain.
  • Use the Proofofbrain/Vybrainium frontend for posts.
  • Pictures and emojis are acceptable.
  • Be creative and have fun.

Post would be relived before picking a winner for the Christmas challenge; and distribution of the curation date is 30th of December.

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Please do have fun to your maximum taste and share the beauty of having a Christmas spirit within us.

Links of post can be shared in the comment session just to identify various posts towards the challenge.

And most of all compliments of the season to everyone.

Thanks you all and one big love from @savagetobi.


Merry Christmas to you @savagetobi and to all hiveians.

I don't celebrate Christmas but I will follow this challenge to read all the fun from those that will be sharing their Christmas story.


Not a problem; to be honest. Just want to give people a room to share moments about the last celebration of the year.
But still you can always have the best out of 25th December. 😉 you know.😊