Freewrite Single Prompt [The Weekend Option] - fallen - 11/13/2021


Afterhours, open mics, alternative social media site
Blockchain insights, this one goes out to a fallen Imaginarium soul

The abyss always takes the best of us,
and the ones left, we come undone

what's the difference, anyways
I hope I got enough left
but i'm running on empty
does it even make a difference who's last?

I spent the whole day inside my head
again, maybe I should wake up instead
well, so tired of being so tired

why I gotta build somethin' beautiful
just to go set it on fire?

shit, it ain't that bad
when beauty is our compass

may you rest in power [Tek]

These deep network connection
these great feedback loops
creating the infinite in the void of the binary existence
Thanks for that Teklordz...

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Single Prompt Option - The Weekend Freewrite - 11/13/2021