Jezevyl's Pre-Bday dinner @ Chilli's 💓



After several months of not being able to meet outside our work here we are again, celebrating our friend @jezwander 's bday in advanced since our dear friend Chrissie will be giving birth anytime this month. It's really great to meet and chitchat about our life updates. So, we decided to try this new restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu.


After work today, we went directly to Ayala for the pre-bday Dinner of memshie Jezevyl. As we went inside the restaurant all of the staff greeted us with a warm smile. We were given a menu as we sat down on our table and each one of us have check out the food. There were a lot of choices like burgers, tacos, nachos and mostly were chicken. They also have rice meals and combos which we avail. We didn't know that they have actually big servings and ends up ordering the combo that can actually be good for two.


For the combo you can actually choose 1 appetizer then 1 main course and 1 drink, either iced tea or lemonade.We also ordered some frozen margaritas since it was really inviting on the menu. . We were amazed by how big the mug is and it's only Php280.00 which was a great deal already.


The food was really great, except for the classic Nachos which I don't really feel like eating after 1 Bite. It's not the usual nachos that I usually eat. The chicken fryer is really good , it's like the version of fish and chips but it's with chicken and fries on the side. That alone can already make my tummy full. Thanks memshie for the treat!


Anyways, our overall experience was good. It was crowded considering that it's not the weekend yet which means the food was great! It was a beautiful day celebrating friendship and birthday.

📍Chilli's is located at Ayala Center Cebu, 3rd floor across Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf. For more information you can check them out on their Facebook page

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