What happens when we forget and remember?

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Everything is concatenated in life, many times forgetting something can be the trigger to a problem, but in that environment perhaps remembering what we have forgotten can be the solution to the problems that have arisen.

We cannot blame ourselves for everything that we do not remember, since there are events that may be non-existent for us that we do not remember, or on the contrary there may be events that are existential but it is impossible to remember them, to understand what I am talking about let's take the following two examples:

[1] Do we remember where we were before we were born?

Logically we do not remember because before we were born we were in our mother's womb, we did not have the developed consciousness to be able to remember, but even once we are born we only have memories of when we were 3, 4 or 5 years old.

[2] Where are we after death?

It is impossible for us to remember because apart from being an event that does not exist, i.e. death exists, but we can not return to life to tell of the things we do after death, we can even consider death as something that comes and ends with our consciousness, although there are many who advocate the soul and spirit, but there is nothing proven.

Knowing what we did before we were born is an existential event, that is to say if we were somewhere, but it is impossible for us to remember it because our consciousness is not developed enough to remember it.

All these scenarios lead us to think that not every forgetting generates a problem, nobody cares if he remembers something as a newborn child, which does not cause a problem by not remembering it, however he who manages to have memories of his premature childhood will surely experience memories where he is in a state of extreme happiness.

The question would be, then what is it that we really forget that generates problems and deserves a solution?

I believe that what we forget under a state of consciousness is what can affect us the most, no one with a state of consciousness like that of a child is going to be reproached if they forget something, but perhaps in our work our boss will reproach us if we forget what he sent us to do during our workday, however once we remember what we were sent to do and we comply with it then the problem is solved.

The issue within daily practicality is that it is best to write everything down, so that if something is forgotten it can be recorded, we cannot underestimate ourselves to try to remember everything mentally, as our subconscious can betray us.

It does not matter if forgetting something can generate a problem, the important thing is to remember what we forgot and to be able to solve our mistakes.


Hi @sandracarrascal.

Our mind is a constant memory machine and sometimes brings us not very pleasant memories in our lives, and the same one would like to forget them and thus erase a sad memory, but we must understand that this is part of our life and so we get stronger every day. Greetings.