What happens to our free time?


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In many of us there is the perception that the more free time we have, the greater our happiness will be, this may not be entirely true to a certain extent, it is true that we need time to dedicate to our family, to our fun and, in short, to have time to relax and de-stress, but what happens when that free time is surplus and we have too much?

It is normal that all of us long to have free time and even come to value the power to have free time, however the direct and existing relationship between happiness and free time has a limit, like everything in life is normal that there is a limit, not everything can grow to an unbridled proportion to infinity, one of those things that can not grow indefinitely is our joy for having so much free time, now it is important then that we understand what is that limit?

I believe that the limit should be neither too much nor too little, that is, not to have so little free time, nor to have so much free time. The problem with free time is that we need it to unburden our worries, enjoy with our friends and family, but once we have already spent that free time for our enjoyment and well-being there comes a point where it is useful and necessary to return to our work obligations.

For those people who for various reasons do not have to invest time in work obligations, it is logical to think that they will have enough free time, however that free time will make the mind is not in full concentration and focused on something other than the routine activities of such enjoyment.


When we have too much free time we may feel that we are not being productive, which in the end could trigger low levels of happiness and wellbeing, quite the opposite of what we thought when we have a lot of free time.

If we have a moderate amount of free time, that is to say that the time is enough to carry out productive activities and at the same time invest time for our enjoyment and pleasure, then we can reach a quite acceptable degree of satisfaction and wellbeing.