Throughout our lives will we always be learning or will there come a time of stagnation in absorbing knowledge?

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Let's start with the following question that we have heard many times, even once:

Is it true that human beings never stop absorbing knowledge, or do we ever stop learning?

If we reach an adult age and our health is good and as long as we have the will to want to learn, then we will always be absorbing knowledge, we will always be acquiring knowledge by learning new things.

If by any chance we stop learning is because most likely we enter a point of stagnation, where continuous and perennial learning is not a priority for our lives, which is why the learning of a human being is continuous or stagnant will depend on various factors in reality.

However, from an idealistic and utopian sense, we human beings should be programmed to be learning at every moment until the day of our death, maybe we reach an old age that warrants a new learning, it all depends on our interests, because without aspirations no one will want to learn constantly.

If it depends on us what we learn in our lives, then it is worth saying that we would not be able to learn all that a man is willing to learn in one lifetime.