Personal authenticity

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Being authentic is something that nowadays we should value very much, since fashion and new lifestyles that are imposed on us can lead us to the acceptance of a loss of identity, that is why personal authenticity must be for us synonymous with originality, originality is given in us as that process of acceptance that allows us to accept ourselves as we are and not to seek the lines that want to take us to a field of loss of that originality that each of us carry intrinsically.

When we are original we do not care what people say, therefore there should be no complexes of any kind, however being authentic should not be misinterpreted as that behavior that encourages us to live in extremes, ie to neglect us both physically and mentally, and that when we are criticized for it we shield ourselves in the fact of saying that this is a way to be authentic.

Personal authenticity must be a highly developed concept in our minds and that leads us to understand that authenticity is a quality in which many of us can show ourselves as we really are, in the search for that inner self is where for nothing in the world we should pretend looking to be someone idealized or that involves wearing a mask.

Authenticity can be the perfect link for the understanding of that so necessary correction that we ourselves can make of our behavior, when we are authentic we do not mask our mistakes, simply authenticity allows us to be as we are with all our mistakes, once we accept our mistakes we can work on them and be better people, but all thanks to that quality called personal authenticity.

It is not easy to walk the path of personal authenticity, since we live in a world of appearances, where an authentic person can be valued as a person who is out of the stereotypes dictated by society, however this should not be an impediment for us to continue giving value to the authenticity that is born from our soul.