How to manage your fears before an exam or academic presentation?


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It is very normal to observe in ourselves that when we are close to a stage where we are going to be evaluated in an exam or any other type of evaluation we feel some fear.

This fear develops gradually and does not cease until we see that the evaluation is over, or failing that, until we get the grades.

It is important that when we are in this process of anxiety we know how to identify the different ways in which we can manifest some symptoms that can lead us to a psychological preparation in which we can assume some sense of solution to face these fears.

Once identified such symptoms as negative thoughts, images that do not favor concentration and everything that hinders concentration for what we are explaining and for what we are being evaluated, it is best to directly attack the aforementioned fears in order to meet our academic goals in the most optimized way.

It is essential that people who are in the process of presenting an exam or a presentation, should not become obsessed with any particular topic, as it may be somewhat complicated in some part of the process to learn and express what was expected.