Can it be positive to educate today's society on the importance of an environmental impact assessment in a hypothetical nuclear war?

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Hello friends, as we know education is an important source for our development, even more if our education expands towards the importance of our environment, that is why I want to explain some considerations about the importance of environmental impact assessment in today's society.

As many of us know, any human action has an impact on our environment, this impact can be positive or negative, that is why it is necessary to measure this impact, either to evaluate its positive or negative consequences.

Currently we are demanding a new world order, there are emerging economies, there are growing and decreasing population growths, traditional political models fail to solve the problems of inequality and poverty in the world, all these changes have caused bloody wars to break out worldwide, more and more of the planet's resources are consumed, and worst of all is that the more resources are demanded, the more scarce and endangered these natural resources are.

Since the industrial revolution we have been measuring the environmental impact that humanity has exerted with their daily activities on the planet, however I believe that currently there are some events that are incorporating new harmful elements to the environment, which should be studied thoroughly for measurement and subsequent evaluation, and with this diagnose what may be our future role on the planet.

An environmental impact assessment has always been done based on the energy demand that we have been having throughout all these years after the industrial revolution, however it is necessary to estimate an environmental impact assessment focused on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

All the elements used in the war, such as bombardments, use of chemical weapons and abandonment of war material (bullets, mines, destroyed material, etc.), have their ecological cost as well. But the worst of the case is that it would be very convenient to be able to evaluate the environmental impact of something that has not occurred but is latent, such as the use of chemical weapons.

In the hypothetical case that by mistake Russia would attack a neighboring country of Ukraine that belongs to NATO, NATO member countries would have to intervene, among which is the United States of America, currently the United States and Russia are the countries with the largest nuclear weapons on the planet, so that an armed conflict between these two powers and a possible advance in the use of nuclear weapons could trigger the end of the world as we know it.

Perhaps these consequences are not very understandable from an environmental point of view, however through a pre-use environmental impact assessment of this type of nuclear weapons could give an idea and educate the population and the actors of the conflict, that it would not make any sense to have such arguments since we will not all be the losers.